great missenden pelican honours board

End-of-Season Awards

Asad Rehman

Asad Rehman

Paul Howard

Champagne Moment
Tony Harris, the first Pelican gold medallist in a global sporting event, the Invictus games

Most Improved Player
Robert ‘Iceman’ Gibson

Balls-Up Award
Jointly, Clive Nicholls and Julian ‘The Duck’ Baker, for their ‘Bollockgate’ performance (NB The Duck winning for second successive year.)

Martin Eckersley Award, for outstanding contribution to the Club
Roy Hockey: with El Presidente, ripped the clubhouse apart, installed a new kitchen, rebuilt the inside and painted inside and out!



Kunaal Kankate
99 vs Hit or Miss, August 17th
54 vs Kensington CC, September 28th

Asad Rehman
83* vs Rickmansworth, July 20th
60 vs Hit or Miss, August 17th

David Bailey
80 vs Ley Hill, September 7th
57 vs Ballinger, May 4th
54 vs Wendover, July 13th
52 vs Lord Gnomes, June 1st

Simon Tickler
72 vs Stowe Templars, July 17th

Alex Livie
71 vs Wendover, June 8th
53 vs Widmer End, 24th August
51 vs The Fiddlers, June 15th
51 vs Fleet Street Strollers, April 20th

A Ilyas
64 vs Northwood, July 7th

Clive Nicholls
60* vs Golden Age, September 14th

John Greenwood
58 vs Hyde Heath, May 18th

Robert Gibson
55 vs The Lee, July 6th

Rob Bailey
51 vs The Fiddlers, June 15th



Rob Bailey
6-47 vs Rickmansworth, July 20th

Hasan Arif
5-25 vs Widmer End, August 24th

Asad Rehman
5-37 vs Wendover, June 8th

Josh Bailey
5-68 vs Stowe Templars, July 17th