Saturday 26th September vs Beaconsfield

Great Missenden Pelicans 202-2 (Asad Rehman 53, Kunaal Kankate 48*, Raheel Khan 47, Hasan Arif 34*)   Beaconsfield 106 (Asad Rehman 3-12, Josh Bailey 3-18, Salim Arif 3-36)

WON by 98 runs

Man of the Match: Asad

With the Pelicans on a winning run there needed to be a grand finale and it doesn’t get as grand as a Saturday game followed by a Sunday game.

It is fair to say the Pelicans had pulled together a half decent team as we welcomed Beaconsfield for the first time to the Meadow, with the weather looking decidedly chilly and rain forecast Skip went out to the wicket to toss. Unusually there had been no requests to bat first so it came as a great surprise to all assembled when Skip returned having won the toss which in itself was unusual, and then having elected to bat which was downright unheard of.

Opening for the Pelicans we had Missenden’s very own version of Sharma and Grover, Raheel and Asad, ready poised and cocked to do battle with all that Beaconsfield could throw. Proceedings started at a pace as Raheel and Asad feasted on the Beaconsfield bowling until on 47 Raheel holed out and was sent back to the clubhouse, as we know 2 follows one and shortly after Raheel leaving the field of dreams Asad soon followed with a handy 53 and 112 on the board for 24 overs. This set the Pelicans up for Missenden’s very own Aisha and Pinki none other than Kunaal and Hasan. Frankly there isn’t much to report other than it got colder and colder, then it rained and then Aisha started hitting 6s followed by Pinki getting to the boundary too. Kunaal 48, Hasan 33 brought the inning to an end on a very respectable 202 off 35 overs.

Tea ……………………….

With tea taken the Pelicans made it back out to the wicket in roughly 4 layers of clothing apiece, opening for the Pelicans we had Missenden’s version of the Leng Sisters, Toobes and Josh. It is fair to say the bowling was tight and as ever Toobes was denied a hatful of wickets only by his inability to bowl the opposition out. Josh on the other hand didn’t seem to have such a problem and dispatched three of the Beaconsfield batsmen in rather quick succession. Indeed, so quick was one such dismissal a caught and bowled followed by a theatrical throw down that the batsman indeed did question is Josh actually did have control of the ball. He did. But he was advised to hold onto it slightly longer next time.

With the Leng sisters put out to grass Toobes was replaced by a very pacey 16 year old who was a friend of Hasans younger brother, enter Salim or as it says in the book Serum, complementing the youth policy he was joined by (as it says in the book and which Nico always tells us never lies) Kartic. Young Kartic or as we also know him as Old Kankate was soon into his metronomic run snuffing best. Salim/Serum too was giving nothing away and by the end of his 7 over spell had taken a further 3 wickets.

Now with the game rushing towards a likely conclusion there must always be some confusion in a Pelicans game and this week it was provided by Rags, with his overs mounting the Pelicans were soon looking to witness a Kankate misfire as no runs were being scored and incredibly no wickets either. Finally, in his last over the wickets began to tumble, unfortunately it was at this point that the scorers pointed out that Rags was in his 8th over out of 7.

Now let me tell you this Rags is one of the least flustered individuals in the Pelicans, but on this day, we witnessed a Kankate Flounce. To say he wasnt happy is an understatement as his outed batsmen were returned to the field of play and his 8th over erased from memory. with Serum and Kartic finished the Plicans needed some quality to bring the game to a close, the wish was answered by Rainman and Van De Beak. Finally, correct names. Let’s wrap it up here, Rainman 3 wickets for 12, Van De Beak 1 wicket for 2. Beaconsfield all out 106.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.