Sunday 14th April vs The Nepotists

The Nepotists 242 (Josh Bailey 3-24)   Great Missenden Pelicans 113

LOST by 129 runs

On a day that was colder than Pingu’s balls 11 hardy Pelicans turned up to the Meadow to do battle with a new foe The Nepotists.

Sporting what sounded like a team of Antipodeans these wandering Kiwis turned up with what can only be described as a fine array of of kit which was laid out with the precision of a British Regiment awaiting each team member. Put it this way I was impressed.

With requests to bat first ringing in Skip’s ears (some things never change) he duly went out won the toss and elected to bowl.

Opening the bowling we had the ever present Toobes from the Railway End and Rags from the Nags End, or we would have done if Rags had not been synchronised to Asian meantime and turned up ready for the start, therefore standing in for Rags we had Josh, who I know it sounds unusual had been promised a bat by Skip.

The bowling was tight and it didn’t take long for Toobes to trap the opener LBW, Josh in the meantime again was keeping the run rate down but unfortunately couldn’t find a way through.

After 3 overs Rags who had finally graced us, took over from Josh and in no time was into the same groove returning figures of 8 overs for 34 runs and one wicket. A metronome is less regular than Rags.

Toobes in the meantime finished an initial 5 over spell unbelievably with no leg side wides, a point he had pleasure in stating to all those that would listen.

With Toobes off the bowling was taken up by our new signing from Kenya Andrew Englefield. An excellent debut Andrew returned fine figures of 8 overs for 46 runs and one wicket, it was unfortunate for him that his spell coincided with the Nepotists’ star batsman who had decided everything was worth dispatching to various parts of Great Missenden, but Andrew would get his revenge.

Partnering up with Andrew, the ever reliable JG followed on from where Rags left off and was unlucky on more than one occasion but finally recorded respectable figures of 6 overs for 45, again he had become the victim of Hitty McBighit.

Unfortunately Mr McBighit then had Niron in his sights, who twirled as good as he could, it was a bit of a shame that Niron had neglected to tell his fingers to twirl the ball and Hitty sent Niron out of Missenden and up to Prestwood, eventually after 4 overs Niron drew his fingers across his throat to Skip and out to grass he was put.

Back on at the Railway End, Josh had been brought back on and bowling at a pace the runfest was halted and wickets soon started falling, the first being Hitty who was caught by none other than Andrew (half bad) Englefied, a fine catch indeed.

Back on at the Railway End Toobes dispatched his first ball down the legside for a wide, this was followed by his second ball, not wishing to make them feel alone he sent another on down there and finished up with a nice round four down the leg side, keeping this regular. It was to Tony’s great credit that he actually stopped the fifth ball which did not go down the leg side. Amazingly after that start Toobes secured his second wicket a fine catch by that man again Andrew Half Bad Englefield, a great diving effort.

The innings came to an end after 40 overs with Josh bowling the Nepotist number 8 an absolute snorter that clipped the bails. Josh returned figures of 7 overs 3 wickets for 24, Toobes having got over his plethora of wides returned figures of 7 overs for 28 with 2 wickets.

Unfortunately the Nepotists returned batting figures of 242.

Tea a wonderful Thai affair was dished up by Susan and eagerly devoured providing both tasty sustenance and warmth.

Opening for the Pelicans and ready to chase down the Nepotist runfest the Pelicans sent out Asad and Josh. Looking for a fine foundation Skip sat back and waited for the runs to flow, it was a pity that such hope turned out to be forlorn as in quick succession both Asad and Josh returned to the clubhouse for figures of 2 and 8 respectively. Ali went out to stem this early collapse but unfortunately didn’t, and after 4 runs he too returned back. Making a welcome return to the Pelicans we had the welcome sight of Sumit, unfortunately making a not too unwelcome sight was Sumit returning to the clubhouse for zero.
Finally Swish Tony started to steady the ship unfortunately from the other end JG graced the crease for a rather short period and too entered the clubhouse.

Enter the Niron……. Now following his bowling Skip was worried about confidence, but he shouldn’t have been as he took his singles and even a few fours. At last a partnership was evolving and the score went past 50, that was until on 16 Swish was bowled, enter Rags who joined Niron. This partnership finally came to an end when Niron was bowled for 21, a fine display at the crease.

Rags was joined by Jalil, that famous batting double act. Unfortunately unlike Eric and Ernie who lasted many decades Rags and Jalil both were soon bowled bringing out the final pairing of Andrew and Toobes.

This short entertaining display was bought to an end by Andrew being bowled behind his legs, something that was aided by him jumping out of the way.

All out 113

With the game over the two teams departed to the pub, this was after the Nepotists had finished their team song.
Anyway they were an entertaining team and one to play again.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.