Sunday 16th August vs Knotty Green

Knotty Green 182 all out (Richard Frank 4-34)   Great Missenden Pelicans 172 (Asad Rehman 74)

LOST by 10 runs

So how do we come back from a narrow defeat to Middleton Stoney, spot on……… a narrow defeat to Knotty Green.

With the humidity hitting a steamy New Orleans jazz filled cafe that had just engaged the sprinklers the Pelicans with fire in their bellies decided to put the recent loss to Middleton Stoney and their finger wagging, LBW giving, record breaker firmly in the past. First off Skip lost the toss, the Pelicans were put into bat…..Skip won the toss. After many years away the Pelicans welcomed back the one and only Tiger looking, identical to the one and only Tiger of a number of years ago but with a more grown up family.

Opening for the Pelicans we saw Toobes and Amir take to the field, looking honed and athletic the dynamic duo took it to the Knotties and in no time had sent the number 1 and 3 back to the clubhouse, one Patel quickly followed by another Patel only two more Patels to go. With Toobes initial spell drawing to a close one last effort was required and there, to provide the reward was Suranga who fielding at cover leapt like a salmon and clung on one handed to the Knotties number 3 , another Patel found himself trudging back to the clubhouse leaving one more Patel. With Toobes being put out to rest like a limping racehorse Amir continued his spell weaving his own variety of magic followed by some polite questioning of the umpires no ball policy. Needless to say, such polite questioning fell on deaf ears and our Beaconsfield hero carried on.

Taking over from Amir we saw Rags back to his most mean spirited best as the run rate started to dry up as the bowling became ever more accurate, in fact it can be said the intense training of hand to mouth coordination the night before had paid off as the Knotties found it increasingly difficult to cart the Ragmeister anywhere. Suranga meanwhile had started his spell, once he had compensated for the Knotties slope he to soon started zeroing in on the batsmen.

It must be said at this stage of the game we were feeling not to bad, the two batsmen in could certainly hit the ball but they also hit an awful lot up into the air. Now as I am sure everybody who follows Pelicans cricket is aware our fielding has the ability to veer from Jonty Rhodes to Dusty Roads at the drop of a hat, it gives me no pleasure at all to say this Sunday not only was the road dusty, but the tarmac had peeled, weeds had taken root and there were more potholes than a Buckinghamshire dual carriageway.

Both Rags and Suranga bowled well and eventually departed with figures of 7 overs for 25 and 5 overs for 32 respectively. Following Suranga the Pelicans turned to the Love missile that is Nico, unfortunately this love missile seemed to have a wet fuse as the Knotty 5 and 6 dined on the table fare offered, things were looking a bit bleak.
This was a day to remember for all the wrong reasons as the Pelicans watched these two bats take 97 runs whilst catches were spilt, and runs were missed……… we were shocking.

Only some miracle could get these two out who seemed to have more luck than a leprechaun holding a rabbit’s foot. So what happened…….. the Knotty number 5 went for a rather silly run and was given out by his umpire, all fine surely, but no, said bat was not happy and left in a swirl of disgust aimed at the umpire, Skip could only look on somewhat bemused. The other Knotty bat was then dispatched by Amir who had now come back on to finish his 7 over spell clean bowled. Following Amir we welcomed Tiger, who like Suranga actually had managed to hold onto a catch.

Anyway our unorthodox American spinner soon had the Knotties in all sorts of trouble and in no time at all snaffled two wickets, indeed by the end of the game his figures were 2 overs 10 for 2  Not bad for a many year layoff. Asad wrapped up the innings with a caught and bowled with the Knotties on 182 all out. And the fourth Patel……..not out.


Opening the batting for the Pelicans was Asad and wait for it……………..Nico, Still dinning out on his partnership of many of which he scored few with Asad at Bledlow over many overs.

If you want to know what happened next please refer back to my match report for Bledlow V Pelicans two years ago.
An abridged version for those new to the club……Asad 4s followed by 6s followed by quick runs, Nico singles and defence. The partnership was finally broken at about 90 runs with Nico departing on 17 runs after a marathon 19 overs. A solid foundation was set the run chase was on and the Pelicans had 15 overs to get just under 100 runs. Step forward Mighty Niron who in his haste to hurry the runs on lofted a ball to the wicket keeper, Raheel then came to the stage and with Asad started to pepper the boundary and take the fight to the Knotties. The Pelicans were looking in good form, I know I say at this point that disaster always happens and guess what ….it did  as Asad holed out to a pretty decent catch on the boundary for 74 runs. Raheel with his new found form continued with his version of slash and burn and was joined by Rupert who after a slow start continued to bat with a gusto.

All good things come to an end and unfortunately for Raheel it was when he was on 25 as he too was caught on the boundary. Rupert soon went for a run which wasn’t there but was worth the effort and fell on 16, which brought Suranga to the crease who joined his fellow Sri Lankan and saw Thili launch a mighty 6 into the trees. That was the last offering I’m afraid as the Pelicans fell 10 short on the run chase.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.