Sunday 1st July vs Kensington

Kensington 260 for 4  Great Missenden Pelicans 140 for 5


Man of the Match: Ali

On a day that was hotter than Hotty Hotterson’s lava filled pants the Pelicans welcomed our old friends Kensington to the Meadow for a cricket extravaganza of the highest calibre….. kind of.

With a wicket the colour of straw and as hard as hell a new look Pelicans took to the field following the mass unavailability of our younger players, not to worry with Hugh and Rory making their Pelican debut all was well in the Peli camp.

The toss was duly won by Skip and with temperatures hitting 80 degrees the choice was obvious…..bowling.

With a changing room squarely behind the wise Skipper positions were taken and the opening partnership of Toobes and JG took to their task.

With some tight bowling it was JG who took the first wicket, a catch behind from our new wicket keeper Harry Kindle off a peach of a ball that had swing and movement off the wicket. We also had the usual comedy catching moments, this time primarily involving new boy Rory who managed to circle a high one off JG’s bowling only to run away from the ball at the crucial moment. Still with a restricted run rate and both JG and Toobes showing signs of the heat taking its toll, Rory and Nico were duly brought into the attack.

Its possibly not an overstatement to say that Rory’s first over was a bit random as wide followed wide followed beamer which struck the Kensington number 3 firmly on the head. Following a short break play resumed with Rory suddenly finding his line and length and eventually being rewarded with a wicket, a catch from would you believe it Niron – were the cricketing Gods having a laugh or were they going to shine approvingly on the Pelicans?

From the Nags Head end Nico was producing a spell of excellent bowling tying down Kensington and causing all sorts of problems. As drinks were taken play resumed or it nearly did, as Rory having bowled three balls suddenly started seeing stars and proceeded to take a rest in-between balls. With him dispatched to the clubhouse, Toobes took over to finish the over, and proceeded to miss his footing and send another beamer down to the Kensington number three, Skipper Rohan, who this time was able to avoid the ball.

With Nico continuing his fine spell Niron was brought into the attack. It was during this spell of bowling that Nico had his moment of controversy as an appeal was given for LBW which would have been correct had the Kensington player not actually smacked the ball into his pads, the appeal was withdrawn and Nico being ever the professional did not mention the incident again. With Adam ready to come into the attack Nico felt he had the Kensington batsman on the ropes and requested another over which he was duly given, unfortunately he was then carted all over the ground, he was taken off.

Niron who had started strongly then started feeling the heat as Kensington opened up, he did get a wicket but things were starting to look ominous especially as Adam and Toobes came on to finish off the bowling were similarly smacked to the four corners of the meadow.

Thankfully tea intervened in this carnage and a hot and bothered Pelican team took welcome refuge in the clubhouse surrounded by a Susan Greenwood tea, things had immediately taken a turn for the better.

With Kensington having posted a score of 260-odd it was down to our opening partnership to see off the Kensington openers and set a steady foundation for the rest of the team to attack from.

As all Peli followers know, such plans are invariably going to go wrong, it is just to what degree, well in this case it went spectacularly wrong as Grego, followed by JG our number three followed by Harry succumbed to the Kensington bowling. The Pelis were on 3 for 3 and our highest scorer was extras with 3.

Cue video montage, in the background power ballad specialist Bonnie Tyler singing “I need a hero”

Slow mo shots of Ali in the shower shaking the water of his head , strapping on cricket armour, feeling the willow and striding out to the wicket.

Yes the Pelicans needed a hero and thankfully Captain Aylesbury no less turned up and brought his A game, ably assisted to begin with by debutant Hugh who after a few defensive blocks started to strike the ball like a pro, this usually precedes a wicket and today was no different as Hugh was dismissed.

Cue video montage, in the background power ballad specialist M People singing “Search for a hero”

Slow mo shots of Jalil sweating in front of a punchbag, running up Coombe Hill, then striding out to the wicket.

Both Ali and Jalil were striking the ball most comfortably as the run rate rapidly disappeared into the distance, the collapse had been halted and clubhouse Pelicans were starting to breathe a bit easier, indeed with Ali sending the ball to the boundary with great regularity it looked like an Ali 50 was on the cards, unfortunately with Ali on 40 the cricket Gods deserted the Pelicans and Ali was dismissed.

Cue video montage, in the background power ballad specialist Joe Dolce singing “Shadupa your face”

Slo mo shots of Toobes hitting his head on the clubhouse shutters, tripping over a cricket ball, then striding out to the wicket.

With 16 overs still to play Jalil took charge of the game striking 4s and 6s looking like a man that had just retired from 29 years in the City and a Ferrari in the garage.

Toobes stood and admired and offered the odd encouraging word of “Bloody hell he is a bit rapid”

With 2 overs to go Jalil decided that sense should prevail and no more daft shots, cue two enormous swipes from Jalil one that was dropped and one that he completely missed.

Anyway with a score of 140 odd on the scoreboard the game was eventually drawn, what a result.

With the game over it was down to the usual BBQ and man of the match awards.

For the Pelicans Ali deservedly received his accolade, and for Kensington it was Rohan’s 60 who just edged the mighty hitting of the Kensington number 5 who smashed some truly massive 6s.

Once again and we say this every year, it was a pleasure to welcome Kensington to the Meadow, there is no surprise that we play them twice a year, long may it continue, though next year we want to see the new improved Arnie Schwarzenegger-esque Bobby Deol.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.