Sunday 23rd August vs Widmer End

Great Missenden Pelicans 204 (Asad Rehman 99)   Widmer End 149 (Raghu Kankate 4-28)

WON by 55 runs

With the season looking somewhat depressing the Pelican scorebook wasnt doing anything to lighten the gloom, something needed to happen and at Widmer End, that something did.

Reclaiming his number one position Raheel joined Asad to set a solid foundation, surprisingly a solid foundation was indeed laid as the Pelicans first wicket fell for 105 after 25 overs, Raheel being the unfortunate victim of a particularly well taken catch for 29.

With the solid foundation laid it was there for the Pelicans to feast on the bowling and build a temple of ivory and gold. Unfortunately, our walls appeared to be a little more wattle and daub as wicket fell after wicket.

First one-armed Amir departed for 1 swiftly followed by Iceman who departed for less. The one bright ray was watching Asad take it to the WE bowling ably supported by Josh who announced his intent with a single then a six and finished with a single and a six on 26. Fast and furious was the order of the day as the runs shot up to 165.

Thili entered the fields with the look of demons and in no time swatted the WE bowlers for a couple of singles and a fours before even he departed, BUT he would play a larger part later.

With Rupert also deciding a cameo performance was what was needed, Asad either getting bored or somewhat frustrated finally sent a dolly to one of the WE fielders and he too departed unfortunately with his score on 99. With the truculence of a moody teenager he announced to the team “don’t care”……..class.

With Rags hitting a quick 7 Suranga was next up and with only one purpose in his mind came to the wicket and departed on 11, one more than Thili.

Tiger and Toobes brought up the rear and finished the score on 204. A very respectable total.

Tea was unbelievably similar to the other weeks and in no time the Pelicans were bowling.

First up was the Pelicans very own Chuckle brothers, Josh taking on the Barry Chuckle persona and Toobes the Paul.
Unbelievably and I can’t believe I am saying this the opening spell was very tight with only 25 runs coming off the first 10 overs. Things were looking good until Joshie collapsed in a high-pitched heap clutching the back of his leg, as I said more Barry Chuckle.

With the run chase looking a little less certain Toobes unleashed Rags and Suranga. The mean bowling continued but this time with the addition of some wickets.

It is here we give a special mention to Josh who unable to stand was adopting his Friday night position……….on his knees. There was general disgust on the face of the Skipper at this display and indeed Skip was ready to give him a right telling off for such a girly fielding position when he held on to a fantastic catch in first slip off Rags bowling unbebloodylievable Skip shut his mouth and congratulated accordingly.

Rags though like a circling white shark had the taste of blood and the other WE opener was soon bowled and the number 3 bat LBWd.

Suranga meanwhile not content on just bowling took his first wicket a catch by Mr Reliable Tiger.

Suranga finished his spell on a fantastic 8 over for 23 and one wicket, as Skip decided to call the changes and bring Thili into the action….. and what action.

Thili had explained that it had been some time since he last bowled but who cares we were not going to lose the game, it was about getting the WE bats out. All I will say and it will be mentioned no more, Thili was in danger of seriously damaging his toes with his bowling…………..that’s it, no more, except he was replaced after two very very very long overs by Mr Reliable El Tigre who it is fair to say bowled very well and whose 5 over spell yielded only 26 runs as the WE went chasing the ball.

Rags meanwhile was not finished as another WE bat was caught out by the surgeon like precision of his bowling. Eventually he to dried up and was eventually put out to grass after a magnificent and game changing 10 overs 4 for 28, quite fantastic.

With the WE bats starting to think of a rear-guard defence apart from their number 5 who continued larruping the ball everywhere Asad was brought into action and immediately bowled said number 5 batsman, this was followed by a quick LBW, things were looking up.

It was time to turn to a bit of one-armed wonder, and with Rags medically giving the all clear, Amir was in for a 2 over cameo spell……and what a spell. Let me just say 2 overs 2 wickets 2 runs.

At this point for added gravity I have started a new paragraph to give Josh the room needed to describe his catch at first slip on his ahem….knees.

Diving full stretch to his right like a demented dwarf on speed Josh took a catch Ben Stokes would have been proud of and Stuart Broad would have wide eyed him. Unbelievable again.

Meanwhile back to the Prince himself, well he finished the last man, bowled. I thank you.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.