Sunday 26th July vs Winchmore Hill

Winchmore Hill 202-6 (Asad Rehman 3-46)   Great Missenden Pelicans 200-5 (Asad Rehman 144*)


Man of the Match: Asad

Things surely could only get better following the game we will not speak about and do you know what……they did.

The Pelicans massed at Winchmore Hill, lovely ground lovely oppo and things immediately looked good with Skip winning the toss, naturally with the decision taken to bowl the Pelicans took to the field ready for action.

Opening for the Pelicans we had the new partnership of Toobes and Amir, now it is fair to say that last week this partnership were less Anderson and Broad and more Laurel and Hardy, but this week they bought their B game, well Amir did, Toobes was more B-.

With these leviathans of cricket in full flow it wasn’t long for the first wicket to fall, Raheel holding onto a chip up to him at cover off Toobes, Amir soon nabbed his first wicket of the season a fine catch at slip from the chicken Prince himself, Asad.

With the Pelicans on a roll Skip called the changes and took himself off followed one over later by Amir who posted very respectable figures of 1 for 10 off 5 overs, it was obviously in the bag.

With hand sanitation a plenty Suranga showed true Pelican class and took over the bowling honours from Toobes, having fitted into the Pelican team like a glove it wasn’t long before the Winchmore Hill bats took a bit of a liking to his bowling. Holding up the opposite end we had the Pelicans version of Venom…..Nico. This Dutch Cap was into his stride in no time and although he didn’t get a wicket he nearly held onto an absolute rocket that was homing in on the Van Der Peet Goolies. Thankfully the Van Der Peet hands stopped the rocket from doing any damage much to Mrs Van Der Peet’s joy no doubt.

With Suranga and Nico bowling, a special call out must got to Rupert Leach, who we welcomed back to his first game with a fielding position of pure unadulterated genius, Deep Cover and Deep Mid-Wicket. Why you may ask……Well it is possibly fair to say that this weekend’s incarnation of the Pelicans was possibly not our most mobile, and with Rupert possessing two legs the positions were his.

As the runs came Suranga and Nico were retired like pit ponies on their way to a Tesco farm, to be replaced by the King of Spin himself and Asad.

Albino Adam Cornwall soon had the Winchmore Hill batsmen in all sorts of problems generally from a fear of shoulder dislocation as the ball was carted to all 6 corners of Bucks. Asad meanwhile at the other end contained the Winchmore bats with a combination of spitting spin and full tosses, the good balls took the wickets, the rubbish was smacked to the other 6 corners of Bucks.

With Adam sending Skip the universal sign of its possibly not working, the hand drawn across the throat he too was retired following Nico and Suranga.

Step forward Raheel who in no time took his first wicket, another catch by Asad to remove the Winchmore bat who could hit it a bit.

With runs now drying up as quick as Rupert’s energy levels the innings drew to a close with Winchmore Hill on a very respectable 202….

Tea was, well rubbish really but thats Covid for you.

With the game somewhat interrupted by rain the Pelican openers took to the field slightly later than expected.
With the words ringing in Raheel’s and Asad’s ears “we are not the strongest stay in” the scene was set for a magnificent chase down.

As Raheel and Asad executed Skip’s plan like a dream, he settled back with the look of a Skipper who has just downed a pint of Smug. As Raheel holed out to Mid Off it appeared that said pint of Smug had indeed been contaminated with Rohipnol.

Taking over from Raheel who after two failures must now be concerned about his position ( he probably isn’t) The Iceman came in to show him how it should be done, namely be the Dame Margot Fontaine to Rudolph Nureyev, and for 10 overs he did just that as he watched Asad assault the WH bowling with a gusto. The Iceman himself smashed a couple of fours and looked very happy with things until he too was caught out, though having seen the score now nudge 100.

With his legs suitably refreshed Rupert took to the field and looked like he had never been away as he now played the Bonnie to the Pelicans Clyde, his sprinted singles and quick running pushed the score onto 123 as the Pelis or more accurately Asad closed in on the WH score.

Now it’s at this point that following last week’s carnage from Suranga that Skip was expecting to see the WH back finally be broken, it soon became apparent that Surangas defensive shot is exactly the same as his almighty back breaking smash shot and after two overs with a smile as broad as a Glaswegian accent Suranga left the field with the addition to the score board of One……a true Pelican.

Now it’s at this stage of the game that we tend to see a degree of calmness and swishyness as Niron takes to the wicket, but hold on, today Niron had been inhabited by his deep alter ego Runny Runnerson the famous Viking Runner of just over 20 yards and just below 26 yards.

Now the book may only say 6 for Niron but the 4 overs he occupied with Asad took the score from 129 to 166 as he ensured the Chesham Prince retained strike, how did said Prince repay him, in the only way he knows how……he ran him out.

Enter the Chesham King 6 overs to go 43 to get, this father and son partnership tried and tried but it was not to be with the Pelicans finally finishing the game on 200, and Asad on 144 plus 3 wickets, what an effort, and obviously man of the match, after Rupert.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.