Sunday 26th May vs Prince of Wales Marsh

Great Missenden Pelicans 124 (Raheel Khan 67*)   Prince of Wales Marsh 127-7 (Andrew Engelfield 3-27)

LOST by 3 wickets

Man of the Match: Raheel

The might of the Pelicans met in what was ostensibly somebody’s front garden to play cricket on a drizzly day on a wicket that was to say the least, interesting, winning the toss would be crucial, Skip lost the toss and the Pelicans were asked to bat.

Opening for the Pelicans we had Asad and Raheel, as mentioned above the wicket and wet conditions were proving to be somewhat testing with one ball flying past an earlobe and the next running along the floor, add to this a wet outfield and as expected scoring was slow.

Both Asad and Raheel were soon in trouble with balls being offered up to the PoW players and duly dropped, with hands that looked as slippery as an eel covered in grease catching was not going to figure high for the PoW players and so it came to pass as one ball scooted past Asad’s ear and the very next ball did as so many had done and that was to run along the ground and bowl him on 20. Very unlucky.

Raheel meanwhile continued, head down and with a new partner, Harry, 6 quick singles later incredibly Harry was caught, to be replaced by Ali who after two quick singles was trapped again rather unluckily for 2, enter Niron, no quick singles bowled for 0. We needed a steadying force unfortunately Jalil wasn’t that force as he too was dispatched in quick order for 1, Rupert fared slightly better with 3, Rags slapped a 4 and then was bowled, Toobes 7 caught, Andrew 1 not out, Raheel carrying his bat for a quite superb 67. It can not be stressed how difficult the conditions were so for Raheel to hit 67 was a man of the match effort especially with a pink ball the shape of a flying saucer and a final posting of 124 seemed in these conditions to be challenging, as long as they lasted.

Tea was a fine affair with a mixture of ham sandwiches , scotch eggs, and sausage rolls, bad news if you were either a pig or had some anti pork dietary beliefs, suffice to say half the Pelicans ate tea and all the Pelicans hoped for the drizzly conditions to continue.

It was with great joy as the Pelicans took to the field clouds parting and the first rays of sunshine poked through.

Opening for the Pelicans we had Toobes and Englefield, both bowlers in the tail end of challenging conditions proved to be hard work for the PoW openers as appeals and near misses were the order of the day.

Finally the PoW number two having ridden his luck was caught behind by new wicket keeper Harry, now I wouldn’t say he smashed the ball to Harry but the sound was loud enough to be heard in Sexhow, North Yorkshire, standing his ground it took umpire Nico to do the decent thing and finally raise his finger.

With runs hard to come by Rags soon took over from Toobes and in his usual metronomic style had the PoW batsmen pinned down, Andrew meanwhile started to find his line and length and in no time took the first of his 3 wickets. Rags meanwhile took his first wicket bowling out the number 3 bat and eventually finished his allotted 7 overs for 19 runs and 1 wicket, tighter that a crab’s backside with clamps.

Andrew meanwhile had finished his spell posting impressive figures of 5 overs and 3 for 27.

Rupert and Asad took over the honours, Asad once again causing the batsmen serious problems but still the PoW opener was remaining resiliently at the crease looking ever more confident, Rupert found the going a bit tougher but still bowled admirably eventually to be replaced by Toobes who managed to winkle out the PoW Skip a fine catch from our resident first slip Adam, who caught the ball with both hands and his ample cleavage.

A game wouldn’t be a game without an Englefield catch and once again old safe hands was on call, a diving effort to dismiss the PoW number 8.

With the game looking safe for PoW the might of Adam was brought to bear, unfortunately even the mighty Fairweather was unable to remove the PoW opener as he slapped the ball for 4 and victory.

A loss it may have been but a fine performance from the Pelicans and a fine example of a field showing Anglo Saxon farming at its finest as Rigs and Furs were readily visible in the outfield.

Drinks with the opposition were taken in Stoke Mandeville not the hospital but a pub, very enjoyable opposition and very enjoyable game of cricket.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.