Sunday 5th May vs Holmer Green

Holmer Green 107 (Richard Frank 4-6, Nic Vanderpeet 3-35)   Great Missenden Pelicans 108-7 (Asad Rehman 46)

WON by 3 wickets

Man of the Match: Asad

So what follows L, L, …..No not “Cool J” you 1980s rapping trivia ninny, its W, W of course.

And so after the two practice games the Pelicans dispatched Braywood with some fine bowling from Adam whose lofty straight lobs bamboozled the Braywood lower order as he returned figures of 5 for 16 off 6 overs, and excellent batting from Asad, 67 not out and JG who hit a classy return to form 23 not out.

With the Pelicans in traveling mode Homer Green welcomed this band of itinerants, Skip duly elected to bowl first and the game was on.

Joining the Pelicans for their second outing we welcomed Raheel and Zarar, two excellent new members who can actually play as well.

Opening the Pelican bowling we had the ever usual pairing of Toobes and Rags, to say a crabs backside looked slack in comparison would be an understatement as Rags delivered 7 overs on the spot for 17 runs and two wickets, unbelievably Toobes delivered 4 overs for 5 runs and one wicket, Holmer Green looked to be there for the taking so it was decided to bring in the big guns namely Nico and Adam.

Nico after an opening over loosener soon found his stride and in no time had the Holmer Green middle order in all sorts of trouble as after 5 overs he had burgled 3 wickets and been hit for a miserly 12 runs, unfortunately the next two overs Nico has hit for 23 runs, but no worries the damage had been done.

Partnering Nico we had the mighty Adam who was looking to repeat his epic wicket haul from the week previous, lightning can strike twice but not this week as his twirling lobs were dispatched to the ropes and a four over spell yielded 40 runs.

It’s fair to say that with the scoreboard edging close to 100 the Pelicans were starting to get a bit itchy, thankfully Zarar (who handed over wicket keeping duties to Harry) and Toobes brought some bowling order back for the Pelicans as the remaining Holmer Green batsmen were dispatched for a total of 107 runs, not the highest of scores but one which would trouble the Pelicans early season.

With tea taken, the Pelicans settled in for what would be a straightforward walk for our two openers, Asad and Raheel, obviously this is the Pelicans and the idea of a comfortable victory is not in our vocabulary as Raheel after hitting a lovely looking 4 was dispatched by a ball which quite frankly would have done most of us.

Joining Asad Ali made his way to the middle and in true Ali style was soon into his groove and in true Ali style was soon out of his groove as he lobbed a simple catch to the Holmer Green skipper.

Niron duly took his place and brought some order to the batting as he remained in place and allowed Asad to start to build a score, unfortunately after hitting a sumptuous 4 off his toes Niron was bowled and trudged his way back to the clubhouse.

With Skip looking a bit anxious Harry duly took his place alongside Asad, thank goodness for a bit of Yorkshire grit. Harry stood his ground and again Asad took the scoring on, the partnership looked comfortable until Harry took a couple of wild swipes, Skip sent out the universal hand signage to slow down be careful, which Nico as Umpire took to mean get a move on, with that message duly imparted Harry was bowled.

Skip’s mood didn’t lighten as Jalil and Rags between them amassed 4 runs, but never fear Zarar is here. Bringing some energy and sheer bloody minded hitting to the crease he provided the perfect back up to Asad, this generally means a wicket is about to fall, and fall it did as Asad on a match saving 46 finally succumbed, with Toobes playing the bridesmaid to Zarar’s bride the game was wrapped up and the Pelicans toasted a close victory.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.