Sunday April 22nd vs Fleet Street Strollers

Great Missenden Pelicans 205-9 (Pasi Fernando 67, Patrick Timmis 27*, Hasan Arif 24)   Fleet Street Strollers 177 (Hasan Arif 4-15)

WON by 28 runs

Man of the Match: Hasan

Woke up this morning, I had a dream about sunshine days, perfect teas, Pelicans victorious…

But it wasn’t a dream and I ache like Bu**ery to prove it.

First game first victory

With 11 giants putting up their hands looking forward to a bit of tan topping up the Pelicans assembled at the clubhouse for the first game of the season. Thanks to our own Mystic Meg Harris prediction the covers had protected the square from an overnight downpour, now safely nestled behind the roller the field of dreams looked truly magnificent.

Skip and the oppo Skip took to the crease and without the lucky 2 Euro used the unlucky i phone 6 which proved as it title would suggest, unlucky.

With the Pelicans batting what could go wrong, well with three quick wickets 3 for 36 was a problem, Iceman, Grego failed to ignite the scorecard, JG did find the boundary and looked in magnificent form until a very un JG like shot produced a catch and his wicket.

Taking to the middle we had the partnership of Has and Pas, what followed can only be described as carnage from the bat of Pas as eight sixes peppered the boundary, and considered batting from the bat of Has.

Naturally we would need to have a comedic moment and the twins provided it, with communication between the batsman which Stephen Hawkins in his current state could have surpassed our two desperados found themselves stranded between the wicket, looking somewhat like the Chuckle brothers all that was lacking was the command “to you, to me” as back and forth they went. This indecision was not only matched but improved upon by the Strollers who between them failed to decide who would pick up the ball and who would throw it back in, the result, both Has and Pas safe.

Eventually this partnership came to an end and Mystic Meg Harris came forth with his customary sweeps and pulls and Patrick, playing his first game for the Pelis. The scoreboard ticked along nicely even when Mystic Bomber swept once too often as Mrs Safe hands Rags came forth. Again runs continued and eventually Adam entered the arena and then entered the clubhouse, Ajmal similarly entered the field of dreams, but lasted significantly longer than Adam. Not wishing to be seen as arrogant Skip declared with 2 minutes to go and the scoreboard on 205, surely enough.

Tea was provided by Adam and if there is one thing you can count on from Adam is that tea will be a sumptuous affair, which it was.

The Pelicans took to the field and the Strollers came out ready to do battle, opening the bowling was Tooby and new boy Patrick. The bowling was tight and kept the run rate down the only wicket being a suicidal run which was taken as the ball rolled to JG and even Jim Bowen in his current state would have hit the wicket, one down.

A change of bowling brought Ajmal and Rags forward, Rags as ever kept the run rate well down and Ajmal once he had found his soon took his first Peli wicket, soon followed by his second which was a catch by brother Has.

The bowling was soon beefed up with Adam who brought his twirly magic forward, unfortunately it was black magic and the Strollers somewhat feasted on this ambrosia, having finally bought a wicket Skip dragged him off kicking and screaming and replaced him with Has, bowling from the railway end was Pas.

What followed was a reverse of the batting, carnage from Has and steady rockets from Pas. In no time at all Has had produced 4 wickets, which included some fine takes from Harris and JG ( the J stands for Jonty) taking another wicket with a superb run out which Dale Winton in his live state would have missed.

The game was won naturally from the hands of Has, victory, yes but it was close.

An excellent start to the season with cricket played in the right spirit from both sides, the Strollers as ever a pleasure to welcome to the Meadow.

Roll on Little Marlow.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.