Sunday April 29th vs Little Marlow

Little Marlow 69 all out (Haime 2 for 3, Adam Fairweather 2 for 11, Josh Bailey 2 for 9)   Great Missenden Pelicans 70 for 8 (Josh Bailey 32*)

WON by 2 wickets

Man of the Match: Josh

On a day that was so cold even Niron looked human the Pelicans chalked up their second win of the season.

Following heavy rain and with the certainty the match would be called off the opposition confirmed at 9.30 that indeed the game was still on and they were looking forward to seeing us. With each Peli ordered to pack whites including parkas the team duly turned up looking like something from the Royal Marines Mountain and Artic Warfare Cadre.

With the toss lost and the desire to move the game on a format of limited overs was agreed and the Pelis duly took up the challenge of fielding, hampered by 5 layers of clothing.

Opening the bowling was the old double act of Toobes and Josh, it soon became clear that the wicket had something in it as Toobes hitting the speed trap at upper 20sKph returned figures of 1 for 10, unusual in itself. Josh looking like he had played all winter raced in and returned figures of 2 for 9 with some rather pacy and accurate bowling which had the oppo batsmen hopping around like Egyptian belly dancers on hot coals.

With the scoreboard runs keeping pace with the overs indeed it turned to our resident Kiwi and history buff NVDP to point out the aeronautical figures of 7 for 2 off 7. Yes we all had the same look on our faces as NVDP gleefully told us that interesting fact.

With Toobes and Josh put out to grass and freeze, the bowling honours were taken over by Mr Dependable Rags and Haimes, as you would guess wickets fell almost as quickly as runs were scored as Rags returned figures of 1 for 8 and Haimes 2 for 6, even the efforts of Josh on the boundary dropping the ball three times in an effort to pick it up couldn’t coax further runs.

With batsmen running out and fearing the onset of cryogenic freezing the big guns were called for namely NVDP and Adam with 6 overs bowled apiece. NVDP having varied his bowling going over, around, backwards, forwards, sideway, and all ways returned figures of 1 for 9, Adam similarly in imperious form took his 2 wickets for 22 runs, one of which was a caught and bowled which entered Adams hands at Mach 4.5.

With the 38 overs bowled the Pelis rushed back to the clubhouse for heat and bovril having restricted Little Marlow to 69 or as we like to call it….. Clive.

Now ordinarily the grand total of 69 would be viewed as a paltry sum, but this was the Pelis and this was a very cold day, so there was a lack of high fives as the Pelis ate tea, warmed up and prepared for the Little Marlow onslaught.

Not surprising the Little Marlow onslaught did indeed occur as first Greg was out for 0 LBW again, Niron was out for 0 caught, Bails out for 0 caught, Ali out for 3 bowled and Clive unbelievably out for 10 LBW.

With the Pelis on 5 for 26, 69 was starting to look quite an impressive total, cometh the hour cometh the Bailey, in this instance Josh, who having scared the bejeebers out of them with the ball unleashed carnage and a few air shots. Assisted by Rags the score progressed to 46 until Rags was caught for 6. Haimes entered the arena without bothering the scoreboard too much and was replaced by Toobes.

Looking comfortable Toobes and Josh took the score up to 63 for Toobes to fall LBW, NVDP fresh from his umpiring stint decided to bring the game home with some quality match management ably assisted by Josh, VICTORY.

The Pelicans retired to the Queens Head and fines were distributed, highlights Bails general averageness particularly on the first ball as he adopted the wicket keeping position only Weeble like to topple over and un Weeble like not be able to get up.

Both Niron and Grego’s use of the boot for stopping the ball, Adams fine for getting a duck as he waited his turn to bat, which never happened, and Ali for being an umpiring genius……………….NUFF SAID.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.