Sunday April 30th vs Little Marlow

Little Marlow 146 (NVDP 3-10, R Kankate 3-19)   Great Missenden Pelicans 149-2 (K Kankate 103*)

WON by 8 wickets

Man of the Match: Kunaal

The unbeaten run continues, it’s two now. Third Man of the Match award to Kunaal, whose batting average stands at a lofty 123.5.

With the possibility of rain the two Skippers went out to the crease and examined the wicket. Looking like Lords Toobes proved what a tosser he is as once again the coin landed correctly.

Litttle Marlow were put into bat and Toobes and Josh opened the bowling.

Continuing on from last week Josh bowled fast and accurate completing his 8 overs in this forty over game with figures of 8 for 24 with one wicket, that wicket being the opener who was finally extracted LBW. This had proved somewhat timely as the two openers had pushed on rather rapidly to 65, Toobes on the other hand felt it was more important to make a game of it and proceeded to be sprayed around the field with somewhat gay abandon.

Hasan had taken over from Toobes and after three overs he to had felt the wrath of the Little Marlow number two batsman, a change was needed, and that change was Asad. After explaining to Toobes his inability to bowl in his shirt he went to the clubhouse and returned in his spinning shirt. This shirt obviously was of the lucky variety as after 3 balls the now rampant number two was extracted after being bowled. His work done Asad was removed from the bowling with figures 1 for 1 off 1 and still wearing his lucky spinning shirt.

At the other end Rags was called up into the attack and immediately bowled out number 3 batsman; he followed Asad and was taken out of the attack after one over.

Adam took over from Rags and Niron stepped up to the plate with his usual confidence ‘You sure you want me?’ being his reply to ‘you’re up’.

Its fair to say that Niron wrapped them up with his 5 overs going for 5 runs, whilst Adam bought his 1 wicket with 28 runs, but an invaluable spell from both of them it was.

The scene was set for our very own Aussie, NVDPeanut to show all how it was done and with Rags returning to the attack both bowlers returned to the clubhouse with 3 wickets apiece for not many runs.

Now their innings would not be complete without mentioning a sight as yet not witnessed this year at the meadow, namely a flounce.

I will set the scene: Adam twirling one in, and Hasan, Niron and Josh fielding in a nice triangle mid wicket, square leg, mid on.

Ball bowled and with a lusty swipe up went the ball just below cloud level, Niron, Hasan, and Josh all ran to the ball, stopped and watched it land perfectly in the middle of this now very small triangle. ‘Shout for it’ screamed our very own Larry Grayson impersonator Tony Bomber Harris as he hissy fitted all the way to the other end of the wicket.

Tea was this week provided for by Niron – if it had been a film it would have been a Ben Hur epic, such was the quantity and quality, the nod to any vegetarians was in the bread that wrapped the assortment of meats.

With 147 runs needed for victory out strode Kunaal and Asad. It didn’t take either of our Asian Provocateurs to get into full smash mode as 4’s peppered the boundary. Looking comfortable at the crease, unfortunately Asad was done for with an easy LBW decision, and 21 runs to his name

Meanwhile Kunaal was joined at the wicket by Larry Harris, until he was bowled for 6 having attempted to remove his own spine on a number of occasions.

Kunaal was now joined by ex Skip Livie who with still 50 odd runs short of victory wanted to make more of his time at the wicket than last week where with one run needed he faced his one ball, which was a no ball giving us victory.

Kunaal’s counting was of the highest order as he retained the strike and continued to pepper not only the boundary but also the clubhouse roof and car park. A fifty partnership came with ex-Skip still having not registered a run.

Kunaal on the other hand smashed his final 4 and brought us home for victory, Alex still on 0, having faced as many balls as fingers on one hand of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which conveniently brings us to NVDPeanut and his signalling of 4 which was so narrow as for those in the clubhouse to question if indeed his arms were to the same proportion as said T Rex.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.