Sunday August 13th vs Middleton Stoney

Middleton Stoney 204 all out   Great Missenden Pelicans 99 for 7


Man of the Match: Hasan

Sun was shining, the wicket was green Asad had misread the e mail and was early, ahhh yes another day at the Meadow.

Welcoming Middleton Stoney to the Meadow Skip with the Harris lucky two Euro in his palm, Skip strode out to the wicket with the opposition Skip, the words of the dressing room ringing in his ears “Bat first”. Coin tossed, again the natural order fell into place as the lucky Euro fell true. “We’ll bowl” announced Skip, the changing room incredibly did not seem as pleased as Skip, what a fickle lot.

The two MS openers took to their task with relish particularly off Toobes’ bowling and in no time had progressed to 70 for no loss off not very many overs. A bowling change was required, welcome Asad coming on for Toobes. Hasan continued from the Nags Head end and immediately got the breakthrough as the MS opener was bowled, next ball the MS number three was then dispatched, unfortunately the hat trick was not forthcoming but things had taken a serious turn for the better.

Following Asad’s opening maiden his second over yielded the wicket of the other MS opener, a diving catch from the legend that is Tiger dispatched him to the clubhouse – the serious turn for the better had become even better.

Hasan was finally rested with fine figures of 9 overs for 39 with 2 wickets, it was Tiger time.

Following last week’s mean bowling display Tiger found the opposition a bit more resolute but still returned some great figures of 7 overs for 36 and 2 wickets, one a fine catch from wicket keeper Harris whose shout of “MINE” left all the Pelicans in no doubt as to whose ball it was as it shot some 150 feet into the sky, and the second wicket a fine ball that bamboozled and clean bowled the MS batsman.

Meanwhile Asad continued from the railway end and added to his tally with a plumb LBW , and returned figures of 8 overs for 29 runs with 2 wickets.

Bowling changes were called as Fairweather replaced Tiger and Van Dur Peanut took over for Asad, a like-for-like change.

It was during Adam’s bowling that we had our usual NVDP comedy moment, with the MS batsman slapping a 6 into the trees in front of the railway line. After many minutes of deliberation NVDP mentally worked out his approach as to how to retrieve the ball; he then put put this fine plan into action, which was executed perfectly and without a hitch; the Pelicans watching breathed easily, unfortunately whilst returning to the field of play looking more like Norman Wisdom, NVDP caught his boot on the fence and entered the Meadow horizontal to the grass.

There then followed what can only be described as Antipodean chunterings concerning “somebody else can go into the trees next time”. This next time happened rather sooner than all expected as 2 overs later another ball went over NVDPs head and clattered into the trees. Standing resolutely like the Rock of Gibraltar, Peanut refused to turn around and with hands on hips stood there, defiant, thoughts of Gallipoli, the Rainbow Warrior this Kiwi was not for turning. Unfortunately for Peanut the ball had indeed hit the trees and bounced to within 5 feet of NVDP so a rather bemused Pelican team did not quite see the significance of the defiance but enjoyed it all the same as the ball was returned to the bowler.

The inning was shortly wrapped up with some fine bowling from NVDP returning figures of 6 overs for 19 runs and 1 wicket and Adams 5 overs for 28 runs and 1 wicket.

MS all out 204. Tea time.

This week we had the Fairweather version of tea which soon had the MS players complaining about not being able to run around, welcome to the Pelicans 12th man. This fine display of sausages, potatoes and cake was duly dispatched and the Pelicans settled down to witness some fine stroke play and all out carnage from Asad and Clive Quagmire Nicholls.

Well that was the script, as can sometimes happen with Pelican innings the script can follow a different path to reality and this was one such day.

First back into the clubhouse came Clive, caught for 5 by the wicket keeper, ex Skip Livie strode out and strode back caught for 4 by the wicket keeper, Asad bored with proceedings returned back to the clubhouse for 8, and Ali too decided 3 would be as far as he wanted to go and offered up his wicket.

With things looking desparate Greg with his new fresh hamstring heard a sentence he never thought he would hear, “play your game and stay in”

At last free from the shackles of free scoring and quick runs Greg was allowed to wallow in his element, suffice it to say such freedom went to Greg’s head as he stood in his crease and then Flamingo like lifted his back leg up to allow the wicket keeper to make one of his easier stumpings.

Greg’s partner Bomber Harris meanwhile had taken to his task rather nicely and started slapping the ball all over the place, he was joined by Hasan, and then left Hasan. 52 for 6 wasn’t looking too clever.

Toobes joined Hasan, who actually looked like a proper batsman, leaving the wide balls, slapping the bad balls and blocking the good, words of encouragement between the two brought the game down to 6 overs left when Toobes dollied one up and was out.

Hasan now joined by Tiger and with 6 overs left marshalled the strike like a real pro and brought the Pelicans home to an unexpected draw. A truly fantastic man of the match display.

Drinks were taken with the oppo who were to a man a thoroughly nice bunch of blokes, and with the court sitting fines were delivered.

Lord Chief Justice NVDP taking the highest fine for general averageness in his attempt to scale a 2 foot fence and then a double flounce brought his total up to a round 5 pounds

Clive was second with £3.40 made up of misfield, dropped catch, etiquette and body noises. Giggedy Giggedy

The rest of us amateurs followed on from there.

Great day, great resolute result

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.