Sunday August 27th vs Widmer End

Great Missenden Pelicans 210 for 5 (Asad Rehman 82, Will Bentall 45, Kunaal Kankate 40)   Widmer End 145 (Asad Rehman 3-2, Raghu Kankate 3-43)

WON by 65 runs

Whilst the victory over Northdown was fresh, plans were already afoot to deliver a new round of crisp drubbage to those entertaining souls at Widmer End.

The day dawned early (as it frequently does) and the temperature rose steadily to scorchio for the final part of the weekend double-header away.

It was therefore a mighty relief that the skipper lost the toss and we found ourselves with bat in hand and not chasing hot leather to all corners – for that indeed that is where the dynamic (but only when running back to face) duo of Messrs Rehman jr and Kankate jr dispatched the ball.

Five overs in saw said ball’s condition come into question, as the surface was somewhat marred and the seam already tattered – the Pelican umpires may have been more moved had it not been for the fact that Widmer’s bowlers kept standing on the bloody thing with their spikes in lieu of the traditional “using your hands” approach.

Overs were bowled runs were taken aplenty, our opening pair did at times forget what a cricket ball looks like as it tended to spend extended periods under a bush on the boundary, indeed Mr Tickler (umpire of the moment) may have suggested that 15 overs in 90 minutes was somewhat “behind the pace”. Kunaal’s wicket at 40 runs brought forth Tony. Tony’s first(ish) shot bought about Tony’s wicket. New to the setup was Will Bentall, and it’s fair to say his first foray for us (after an excruciating cap presentation ceremony he was forced to endure by Toobey as we took to the field) was an entirely successful one. Several more boundaries followed including one particularly memorable ball bowled by their number one bowler Cameron, smashed back over his head by Mr Bentall like it had said something untoward about his parentage.

Asad reached a mighty impressive 82 and Will 45; very capable support from Jalil, Rags and Hasan followed with a score of 209 posted.

We then took Tea.

With our postprandial appointment beckoning we took to the field. Toobey opened down the hill and maintained the metronomic consistency that he is known for. The slight marring to this is that this consistency was consistently down leg side.

Both Asad and Will clung to absolute worldies during the bowling attack, words were of course had – and they promise never to do it again. Wickets were shared all round during the following, a veritable salad of different bowlers from the Pelis, and with only a few overs remaining Asad undid the last few Cling-ons in the Widmer defense to leave them at 145 all out. Another for column “Win”, onwards.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.