Sunday August 5th vs Rickmansworth

Rickmansworth 138 all out (Raghu Kankate 3-5)   Great Middenden Pelicans 139-5 (Raghu Kankate 79*

WON by 5 wickets

Man of the Match: Rags

‘Robert’ said Skip, ‘today we bat first’.

With the hot sunshine replacing last week’s washout the Pelicans gathered at the Meadow ready to do battle against Rickmansworth’s finest. The dressing room was full of pleading Pelicans demanding some respite from the sun, Skip duly informed them that it was indeed his preference to bat first. The combined looks of incredulity were etched deep into Skip’s mind as he strolled out to the Meadow with the lucky…..hold on Tony having misplaced the lucky 2 Euro coin left Ticks to run out with a supposed even luckier £2 coin. What could go wrong?

Skip strolled back into the changing room ‘we’re bowling’, apparently due to Brexit the luck of the 2 euro has not been transferred to the pound.

Opening for the Pelicans we had Toobes and Hasan, and a fine opening it was with Toobes getting a brace and Has unluckily only 1 wicket, it should have been more.

On fielding duties the Pelicans had taken this activity up a gear led by Robert who not once but dived into the hedge whipping the ball back before it or his body made contact. Even Jalil, showing all the dexterity of a black belt Yoga Yoda, bent down twice to field the ball.

With Toobes and Has bowling 5 and 7 overs respectively it was down to crazy horse Tickler and our resident Aussie NVDP to take over the bowling honours.

Tickles deciding to use flight and menace opened up with a beamer, swiftly followed by a wide, and then the radar was activated as another miserly spell took hold.

NVDP similarly decided to get into the act and produced a fine spell of bowling, on a number of occasions though his 3 step run up proved a bit difficult to continue as the three steps were re-calibrated many times.

Ticks continued his spell with the usual gusto but unfortunately could not winkle out the Ricky batsmen who seemed to be getting smaller but still quite adept at hitting the ball off the square.

As Tickles was put out to grass Rags took over the bowling duties and produced a fine spell of 6 overs 9 runs 3 wickets. He also gave us the quote of the day as the Ricky number 5 batsman decided to smash him for 6 on his first delivery only to see it hit his wickets, “he didn’t respect the bowler” Rags informed the Pelis gathered around him.

With runs hard to come by, unfortunately for Ricky their highest scoring batsman decided on a quick single, unfortunately for him it went straight to Harry the Yorkshire grey who whipped the ball in and scored a direct hit and run out.

NVDP on again re counting his run up also entered into the wicket fest and bowled the Ricky number 6, Rags then took his next wicket, a fine catch from Swish Tony.

The innings was finished by NVDP who took his tally to two and Ricky all out for 135.

Tea today was a Rehman affair, it would be fair to say that Jalil possibly didn’t have much to do with it, so honours for a fantastic curry must go to Mrs Rehman and daughter Zahra. Excellent.

With stomachs full the Pelicans took to the batting with a renewed vigour, well actually the vigour was somewhat misplaced as first Harry aimed at an imaginary ball and was bowled and then Asad spooned an easy catch up to mid wicket. 12 for 2, what a start. Suddenly the 135 looked a rather large total.

Taking over for Harry we had Rags promoted up the order following a premonition whilst sleeping and for Asad in came Ali and then out went Ali bowled for 0. Skip looked on shaking his head, but with a strong batting line up surely the Pelis wouldn’t throw it away. In for Ali we had Swish Tony, unfortunately he actually received a peach of a ball which went away from the bat and took out middle, Skip shook his head.

Out to the middle Jalil strode, the wily pairing of Jalil and Rags were once again reacquainted and what a pairing it was, especially Rags as he swiftly pushed past 50.

Jalil too got into the act as 4 followed 4 and rapidly raced to 26 and Peli victory, only to finally fall with the Pelicans on 130.

Thankfully young Toobes was ready and manfully blocked his three deliveries anad left Rags to finish the game off with two lusty blows and victory.

An excellent result and the Pelis back on the carousel called victory.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.