Sunday August 7th vs Middleton Stoney

Middleton Stoney 154 for 7   Great Missenden Pelicans 156 for 2 (Asad Rehman 55, Clive Nicholls 35)

WON by 8 wickets

The Pelicans etched another W in the results column with victory at Middleton Stoney.

Morning drizzle gave way to afternoon sunshine and under blue skies, the Pelicans produced a dominant display with ball and bat.

The Stoney captain attempted to confuse the Skipper by tossing with a Hong Kong dollar. Not knowing which was head or tail, the Skipper closed his eyes and guessed. And guessed right. The Pelicans were bowling.

Josh and Hasan opened proceedings, which came as a shock as Hasan found his way to the ground before the start of play. An achievement in itself seen as he could not find Hyde Heath seven days previous.

Swapping his rather natty blazer for a set of whites, Hasan weaved his magic of pace and slower balls and it brought him a couple of wickets – one thanks to an excellent catch in the slips from Josh. That’s 13 catches for the season.

Nic replaced Hasan and sent down a mixed bag, with a fabled Pelican yorker earning a wicket courtesy of a catch from Josh. That’s 14 catches for the season.

Stoney’s scoring rate was somewhat pedestrian and they did not help themselves with a truly awful bit of running. Taking off after hitting the ball straight to Asad, the Stoney number three then thought better of it and sold his partner down the river. So bad was the running, Asad had enough time to run all the way to the stumps and whip off the bails.

It was just as well that Asad decided not to throw the ball, as there’s a good chance it would have flown high over its intended target and go for four overthrows. As happened later in the game.

Josh, did i say he now has 14 catches for the season?, went wicketless but he did claim a victim – a toe nail of a Stoney batsman who is likely to be walking with a limp for a few days after taking one right on the boot end.

The Stoney skipper found an ally and he and the No. 6 took them towards respectability. But they did not do it at all that rapid a rate and they took tea at 154 for 7.

Clive and Asad were charged with the task of laying a foundation. They did a decent job, although it could have been different as Clive should have been out lbw in the third over. But the Stoney boys decided not to appeal one that would have crashed into leg stump.

While the solid partnership was going on Nic and a Stoney old boy were doing their best impression of an old married couple, bickering over the standing position of the umpire. In his best Kiwi, Nic told him to F Off. The bowler muttered something about not liking Australians very much.

Clive took advantage of his life to make a solid 35. Asad went on to make his 75th half century of the season. He could and should have gone on, but ran himself out in comedy fashion.

This allowed Jamie Litherland to finally get a bat for the Pelicans on a Sunday. It wasn’t the longest innings of his cricketing life, but he and Bails put bat on ball to take the Pelis over the line with three overs to spare.

Onwards to Hit or Miss next week.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.