Sunday July 16th vs Wendover

Wendover 76 all out (Richard Frank 4-16, John Greenwood 3-4)   Great Missenden Pelicans 80-0 (Asad Rehman 52*, Clive Nicholls 23*)

WON by 10 wickets

With the shout of ‘Wenger out’ Skip knew he had to get a positiver result for the home fans against Wendover, and what a result.

Fresh from victory at Northwood, and nursing bruised and ever so slightly misshaped Ging Gangs, Skip strode out to the crease with the Wendover Skipper and amazingly lost the toss. No harm done as the Wendover Skip elected to bat, obviously a strong batting performance was on the cards.

Opening for Wendover was our new friend Matt Surname, a friendly bit of banter prior to taking the field had taken place where Surname confirmed he knew what Toobes would be bowling and would bat accordingly. In true guest Peli fashion he then tucked this advice-to-himself in the box marked Trash and after 3 balls was caught by The Legend, guesting as wicketkeeper having done exactly what he said he would not.

Hasan quickly joined in with the bowling fun and clean bowled the other Wendover opener for 0. Toobes then got into his stride and flung down the usual dross which accounted for the number 3 batsman, expertly caught by The Legend. Further wickets continued to fall as Tooby was removed from the attack. Skip looked over at Niron who was pulsating with confidence anticipating Skipper’s next sentence, ‘Niron next over’; exploding with confidence Niron bellowed ‘Are you sure?’, he is such a tease.

Wickets continued to fall as Greenwood took to the mopping up task of the Wendover middle and lower order finishing on 7 overs 3 for 4 runs, Niron too chipping in with the odd wicket from his 11 overs.

The Pelis fielding was as brilliant as ever apart from the weak link of Asad who managed to drop a number of sitters, thankfully Jalil was close at hand to offer parental words of encouragement ‘You xxxxxx idiot catch it next time’ being such timely words of wisdom.

Tea was taken early as the final Wendover wicket fell at 4pm with a total of 76 on the score. Skip was confident but as had been shown at Northwood not overly so.

Tea was provided by Mr and Mrs Iceman, though watching how Mrs Ice took control of the situation I feel it was more a Mrs Ice thing. Suffice it to say sandwiches, cakes and fruit were of the highest quality and consequently dispatched to fine leg via gullet.

Opening for the Pelis strode Asad and Clive, Ali was padded up for his number 3 position and debutant Ronak number 4, looking magnificent in new kit.

With the Pelis no matter what the opposition score is you are generally guaranteed a bat if you’re in the top 5. Incredibly Asad and Clive dispatched the Wendover bowlers all over the ground and saw off the 77 to win in 12 overs, Asad hitting a 50. Apologies Ali and Ronak but it is not always like this.

A short report I know but I am struggling with things to say other than we departed the ground and headed to the Keys to join PG.

The Legend that is Tickles complained of sore legs, we had a couple of pints of Gay Pride and then Gregaldinio, Ticks, Tony, PG, and I made our way home.

‘Nuff said

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.