Sunday July 17th vs Wendover

Wendover 159 (Niron Jeffrey 3-28, Raghu Kankate 3-38)   Great Missenden Pelicans 162-5 (Raghu Kankate 37*, Asad Rehman 35)

WON by 5 wickets

Man of the Match: Rags

As that old cricket saying goes ‘ One gets two’, and the case was well proven as Wendover stood in for Bushey and were beaten again.

With a rather late Bushey cry off for reasons too poncey to discuss Wendover who we had beaten the week before stepped up to the plate looking for revenge.

An unusual day in that it was flippin hot, saw stand-in Skipper Toobes lose the toss, the Pelicans were once again bowling.

We were graced this week by two Nicholls, (three if you count Hazel after the game), as Colin over from the States donned his whites to show little brother how it is done.

Again Toobey and Josh opened the bowling and again it was tight with both going for 22 runs apiece from their 7 overs with the fall of three wickets.

Taking over the bowling from the Pub end was Rags and from the railway end Niron.

It is fair to say that Niron had about as much confidence as a turkey does surviving Christmas, and with a 6 whistling overhead the Nironomater didn’t look good, but fresh from drinking loads and eating even more in Poland Niron came back with a vengeance and twirled his magic to dismiss two of the Wendover batsmen, Rags did what Rags does and dropped the ball on the spot and kept on getting wickets eventually bowling 11 overs with 3 for 38.

Niron was rested and Colin, Clive’s younger-looking brother, came came on to twirl some magic, which he did for 4 of his 5 overs, managing to deliver in his words an unplayable ball to dislodge one of the Wendover batsmen. We will leave his bowling at 4 overs, the 5th we shall not discus, suffice it to say Niron was brought back into the attack and with Rags duly wrapped up the Wendover tail.

Regarding fielding we had a Bailey twosome, so to speak as both Josh and Bails dropped comfortable catches, only then for Josh and Bails to hold onto the more difficult ones.

Behind the wicket Panther Harris snaffled up everything with the reactions of a mongoose.

Final score 159.

Tea was an Iceman/ Icewoman affair that was of the standard we come to expect and was duly scoffed with relish.

Opening for the Pelis we had Clive and Bails, its fair to say that the bowling was not of the highest calibre but they still need to be hit, and hit they were as 4s peppered the boundary. The love in at the wicket was brought to an end on 49 as Bails fished outside the wicket closely followed by Clive fishing even further outside the wicket, just inside the boundary in fact.

Asad batting at number 3 struck the ball with all the grace of a dead sheep but still managed to make 35 until he danced down the wicket and was stumped. Rags though did what Rags does, just stayed there scoring consistently off each over and not running the quick singles, more walking/sauntering.

Meanwhile with the fall of Rehman junior we had the pleasure of Rehman senior coming in, not one word was uttered as youth passed experience outside the clubhouse, though we all knew what they were thinking: Asad “what was I doing, I hope Dad doesn’t say anything” and Jalil “What was he doing, I’ll try not to say anything”

Anyway a lusty 4 later and Jalil was making his way back to the clubhouse. This brought out Missenden’s answer to Chris Gayle, Greg Rollinson.

Now Greg it seems had taken his slow progress to date to heart and no doubt had slipped an extra Viagra in his cocoa that morning as he slashed swiped and spurted singles and 2’s everywhere until in a frenzy of excitement he was caught for 10 after seeing only 4 overs.

Enter Tony the Mongoose to watch Rags finish the innings off with a mighty 6.

Highlights, Asda yet again caught off a no ball, the general good spirit between the two teams making an enjoyable afternoon.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.