Sunday June 10th vs Long Marston

Long Marston 229-6    Great Missenden Pelicans 233-2 (Asad Rehman 116 Hasan Arif 67*

WON by 8 wickets

Man of the Match: Asad and Hasan

“Well that was fun” opined nobody, but I am sure they soon will.

Again the sun shone and the day looked set for a fine day’s cricket as the Pelicans descended on Long Marston and a wicket that is fundamentally a road, ideal for batting but a bu@@er to bowl on.

With both Skips preferring the bowling start it was up to Toobes to win the toss and decide to bowl, much to his teams joy and happiness, well thats how he took the chorus of “oh for ***** sake”

Opening the Pelicans bowling we had the double act of Toobes and Hasan, wicket keeping a new face as cover for Swish we had NVDP who rather confidently had unprompted put his hand up to keep and announced he felt a bit catchy.

As feared the road that is Long Marston did indeed favour the batsmen and in no time under a relentless sun the Pelicans were scuttling all over the Long Marston ground, as for NVDP it appeared that he had in-fact borrowed the extra special spring loaded gloves and the ball had amazingly taken on the form of an eel covered in olive oil as one or two balls found themselves past the ever so slightly less catchy NVDP.

Thankfully Has had packed his catching hands and caught the rather useful opener, the number three batsman was then bowled and the Pelicans with tails up started thinking of an early visit to the pub.

With the opening bowlers initial spell finished Hasan had returned a some very tight bowling figures with no wickets and Toobes the same but with a couple of wickets.

NVDP the Alan Knott of space travel then handed the wicket keeping duties to Skip who promptly let the first one whistle under his body. The new bowling partnership of Kaz and Rags similarly found the wicket a batting paradise as anything slightly off line and length was dispatched for four. Kaz returning to the Pelicans after a two year sabbatical its fair to say took a few overs to find his line as the off side was peppered on a regular basis but find it he eventually did as a ball that did very little had the batsman swishing up in the air and the eventual safe hands of Adam in gulley.

Rags unfortunately had forgotten about his self promise to leave the spin bowling at home tried it a couple of times and then remembered his self promise and did indeed lock it away, a wicket soon fell and Long Marston were rocking on 111 for 5.

As is always the case there is always a BUT when we recount the cricket match and the idea of an early visit to the pub was put on hold as the new Long Marston bat ably assisted by a young chap of about circa 12 years old started going at the Pelican bowling.

Rags bowling out 11 overs had a succesion of partners from the oposite end, not only Kaz but also Yasser, who bowled the widest leg side ball ever seen, NVDP and Hasan for a second spell that amazingly yielded a catch to Toobes behind the wicket.

It was during this spell and the LM bat on 40 that a loopy high shot dropped right on top of Asad, caught day dreaming Asad promptly dropped the ball, hopefully it wouldn’t be too expensive but I gather you expect it was, and indeed not wishing to disappoint it was indeed as he went on to score 80 runs.

With Rags’ 11 overs finished for not to many runs (though I think the score book of 22 is wrong), Asad came in and managed a wicket which saw an end of the LM batting as they set a rather competent 230 to win.

Tea was actually very good and feeling full of sandwiches the Pelicans debated who should open, it became apparent pretty quickly that with Asad reluctantly putting his hand up there was indeed nobody else who wanted the honour, by this point Toobes had decided to open when Yasser who on his last outing for the Pelicans had hit a hundred was politely asked by Rags if he would indeed open or bat at number 9. Looking like a man that had just picked up a dollop of dog doo Yasser agreed and donned his pads.

2 runs later Yasser un-donned his pads and Hasan batting at number three went out to join Asad.

Now with the Pelicans on 10 for 1 and needing 230 to win it is fair to say all those watching and playing expected a LM victory but cue the video montage and background music of Bonnie Tyler singing ‘I need a hero’. Asad started to take the game to the LM bowlers as he raced to his 50, Hasan then decided to get into the act and soon he too made his fifty. The carnage continued as superb running between the wicket put more pressure on the LM bowlers as Asad raced to his hundred, Hasan unleashed some mighty fours and continued with the swift running, made all the more impressive as he was fasting.

Incredibly with two overs to go Asad was finally bowled for 116, a magnificent innings that left the Pelican only 10 runs short. What an innings.

Hasan now joined by Ali was playing like a man possessed as he shouted for a quick 2, Ali would have none of it and settled for a single, deciding to back himself. Next shot miss, then a cracking four from Ali. The game was won on the next ball with a wide that went for 4. VICTORY

Hasan not out 67.

A truly phenomenal batting performance from Asad and Hasan which this match report does not give justice to.

Man of the match……… can’t separate Asad and Hasan.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.