Sunday June 24th vs LCR Harrow

Great Missenden Pelicans 192 for 6 (Asad Rehman 135*   LCR Harrow 164 for 9 (Hasan Arif 12-1-34-5 Richard Frank 7-4-20-3)


Man of the Match: Asad

With the England football team option being more tempting for West Wycombe the cricket exchange threw up the surprise package of LCR Harrow, and what a thoroughly delightful package it was.

With the sun shining brighter than Donny Osmond’s teeth the Meadow looked glorious as Skip armed with his lucky 2 Euro coin made his way out to the wicket, unfortunately it seems that the custodian of the lucky two Euro coin had indulged in a bit of over rubbing and said luck had indeed rubbed off, we were batting.

Opening for the Pelicans Asad and Iceman, two brothers separated at birth who only their mother could tell apart, thankfully for the scorer such confusion was short-lived as by his own admission ‘a straight one ‘ had Iceman LBW.

With the score on 33 for 1 we welcomed the latest in a long line of North Yorkshire brothers Harry Kendall, or as Nic pronounced it in his thick aussie brogue, Kindle.

Carrying on from his last games Asad was in sumptuous form dispatching the LCR bowling for many 4s all over the ground, Harry on the other hand decided that this debut needed a bit more thought as he played himself in, so good was his ability to play himself in there were murmurings of Greg of the Week.

Eventually with Asad dispatching ever more balls to the four corners of the Meadow Harry to decided open up and eventually he found the boundary. With Asad racing past his 50 and Harry on 18 the partnership had reached 102 when a caught and bowled did for Harry. Was it actually a caught and bowled or a bump ball everybody had their doubts, but the bowler quizzically appealed and the Umpire with a finger quicker than a Wild West gunslinger sent the unlucky debutant packing.

Ali who too has been in fine form marched out to take on the might of the LCR bowling, he too in true Ali style acquainted himself with the wicket and then went about his usual array of 4s and swishes, by 15 runs and one swish too many Ali was bowled, to be replaced by Swish Tony.

In all that swishing and fouring Asad had once again smashed his way through a hundred, again a magnificent performance, surely it could not get any better for the young Rehman.

Swish Tony with laughter still ringing in his ears took his guard and first ball swished a sweepy 4, unbelievable, ‘he should retire now’ was the comment of the clubhouse, unfortunately Tony seemed to have heard it and took it to heart as he was soon bowled for 4.

Jalil who now exuded an air of calmness and inner positivity found only in those who have retired strolled out to the wicket and strolled back having been caught for 0, Asad meanwhile continued with his personal run fest.

JG joined Asad, slapped a 4, ran a single and then made his way back to the clubhouse, Hasan whose batting has been in superb form was duly relegated to number 8 and scored one.

With tea ready the Pelicans retired to the clubhouse on 192 and Asad on 135 not out, again a fantastic innings.

A welcome sight in the clubhouse, a plethora of Greenwoods, tea would be of a quality, and it was.

Feeling somewhat weighed down by the fine fare the Pelicans took to the field as LCR proceeded to chase down the 193 needed to win.

Opening from the Railway End Toobes and from the Nags End, Hasan, in no time at all and with tight accurate bowling the openers were dispatched back to the clubhouse, an opening spell of 5 and 6 overs respectively yielded no further wickets but also not that many runs, time to bring in the big gun, Adam Fairweather, and the pistol, JG.

As Adam twirled and lobbed his way through his 6 overs JG after an interesting first over tied LCR down with some accurate bowling, unfortunately neither bowler could winkle out the LCR batsmen who were valiantly chasing down the Pelican total, we needed help from beyond the grave. Luckily for the Pelicans Casper the Caribbean ghost was on hand, or it could have been Niron who rather inappropriately white-faced himself up as protection against the sun.

The LCR number 4 batsman no doubt scared to death of this apparition duly coughed up his wicket as he was caught behind by Tony for 45, at last a wicket, Niron was ably partnered by Hasan, back for a second spell and also straight into the thick of it as catches began to stick.

Toobes also brought in for a last hurrah managed two more wickets, interspersed with an almighty 6 from the LCR number 8.

The game was eventually drawn with LCR on 164 for 9, a great effort from the visitors.

Highlight of the game has got to have been the catching, firstly Ali at square leg who took an absolute belter of a catch from a high ball, and then Asad whose day did indeed get better with an unbelievable catch that saw him run 20 yards stoop and pluck the ball 6 inches form the ground with one hand. Further catches though not as spectacular from Toobes, Hasan, JG and Iceman meant it was a near perfect day. Almost near perfect, we did witness the spectacle of a ball going between JG and Niron, which in all honesty was Niron’s ball to catch, well unfortunately with Niron’s feet cemented in ecto goo and unable to say anything the ball dropped to the ground unhindered by human hand.

It was a great game played with an opposition that were equally entertaining and all round good eggs, we would definitely play them again.

Last mention to Harry who demonstrated a fine grasp of the Pelican style of cricket, sledging is best done to your own team.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.