Sunday June 25th vs West Wycombe

Great Missenden Pelicans 267-6 (Kunaal Kankate 91, Asad Rehman 73*, Alex Livie 60)   West Wycombe 158-8 (Hasan Arif 5-16)


Obviously the Chiltern Crusaders are not related to to the Templars of Jerusalem as the thought of taking on the Pelis had them running faster than an Italian Infantry unit. Step forward West Wycombe for a return fixture, and possibly one for the future.

With a team brimming with talent, Skip met the opposition Captain on the Square and tossed for all he was worth. Victory once again left him with an obvious dilemma, what to do.

The look of surprise in the changing room at the decision to bat first was worth winning the toss in itself.

Step forward Clive and Asad to open, well step forward Clive, unfortunately Asad still working on student mean time had not turned up, Skip turned to Kankate K.

Proceedings got off somewhat swiftly as they always do with a Kankate at the crease as 4 followed 4, Clive opting for the more athletic combo of singles and fours. As is usually the case this tends to be a precursor for a wicket falling and it was no surprise that Clive elected to do the honours on 11. He was bowled by their opener whose run up I could only explain as incorporating a David Duckham sidestep, bizarre but true.

Taking over from Clive was Missenden’s answer to Chris Gayle, Grego stepped forward, looking to improve on his solid one from last week. Another solid one was added to the locker as Grego then made his way back to the Pavilion.

It is rare that a dismissal can be seen with both sadness and joy at the same time, but with ex Skip promising to perform a sex act on new Skip should Grego hit the ball over the clubhouse, there was a great sense of relief in new Skip (if that’s not the wrong way of putting it) as Grego entered the clubhouse.

The West Wycombe boys could sense something special happening, unfortunately at the wicket the Pelis now had Kankate K and Livie.

I wont bore you with the details but 4 followed 4 with a little sprinkle of a 6 as our Yorkshire Waldorf and Kankate Junior bludgeoned, blasted and bazookaaad the oppo bowling. Kunaal hit his 50 in what seemed 15 seconds followed by Livie not that long after.

With West Wycombe reeling Livie finally offered his wicket up having smashed 60, West Wycombe breathed easy as they saw Livie trudge back to the pavilion, the Pelis on the other hand were happy to see our opener Asad take to the wicket having finally peeled himself out of his bedding.

Not wishing to bore you but there continued what can only be termed Shock and Awe as in 4 seconds Asad raced to his fifty, meanwhile at the other end Kunaal finally was out for 91 having totally obliterated the opposition bowling, a magnificent performance.

Asad was joined by Manitee whose thoughts were more on tea than scoring as he to took his one and then returned to the clubhouse.

Step forward Hasan, no longer looking like a raisin but more a vibrant grape, plump and full of juice following his fasting.

A quick 10 which incorporated a 6 had the Pelis wistfully wishing for the more raisin variety of Hasan, never mind with a million on the score board and Rags making a cameo 3 the Pelis were in a rather strong position as they returned to the clubhouse Asad on 73 not out.

Tea an excellent affair was provided by Mrs Manitee. Having watched Mr Manitee twice now, I would say this is about as exciting as it gets for her.

With tummies full the Pelis took to the field, the aim simple, bowl out West Wycombe.

With Josh deciding to play cricket with his new friends, opening the bowling this week we had Toobes and the metronome himself Rags.

An amazing thing happened on this day: Rags did not get a wicket, granted he hardly gave any runs away but still incredibly no wicket. Frank who in the book was written down as Rank – they had obviously seen him before – took one wicket having just been edged for a 6.

With the opener and number 3 batsmen looking comfortable Toobes was taken off to be replaced by grape Hasan, second over number 3 batsmen bowled an absolute beauty that had him all over the place. With Rags replaced by Mayweather (thats what it says in the book) another wicket quickly fell as Toobes snaffled a dolly.

There then swiftly followed another bowled by Hasan who was steaming in like a man who been released from something that one would say was rather uncomfortable and possibly beige in colour.

With a bowling change at the Pavilion end, Niron came on to twirl his magic. First over, Missenden’s answer to Dynamo did just that as he bowled their number 6 and finallly returned figures of 6 overs 1 for 16.

At the other end, Asad, keen to demonstrate his new skill in bowling seam, flung down 2 overs of the most filthiest balls one could ever wish not to see. Indeed one of the boxes could not contain all the scorers marks as wide followed wide.

As an experiment, not one of the best.

Hasan returned to the attack as with 20 overs to go WW shut up shop and went for the draw.

Not much therefore to report other than Hasan continued his excellent bowling and eventually had figures of 14 overs 5 for 16 as WW blocked out and drew the game.

High point must be Hasan’s pretty plumb LBW shout being given not out and Rags shouting wide. The same player who then came into bat low down the order was then subject to a number of rising balls from Hasan which he took a bit of offence at, but we found funny.

The teams retired to the Cross Keys whilst Livie retired to watch some popular music on television. Yorkshire Jessie.

Again it must be said the West Wycombe team were a pleasure to chat to after the game as they provided a jug for the Pelis. Definitely a team we would happily play regularly.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.