Sunday May 13th vs Ibstone

Ibstone 113 all out   Great Missenden Pelicans fewer all out


Every run of form must come to an end and so it was at the Meadow when after 3 victories in a row, Ibstone popped that victory bubble.

Following a Saturday of heavy rain the prospect of cricket looked slim, but the great God of cricket, who resides in Yorkshire, shone magnificently on Great Missenden as Sunday brought blue skies and sunny sun sun.

With the lucky 2 Euro coin thrust into Skip’s hand the toss was a mere formality as victory saw the Pelicans opt to bowl, little did we know that would be our only victory of the day.

Opening the bowling we had Pasi from the clubhouse end and Toobes from the railway end. Pasi unleashed 7 overs of wizardry which bamboozled the opener and number 3 batsmen. With the openers being taken off Ibstone had found themselves in a relatively comfortable position of 3 for 52, step forward Rags who as we all know did what Rags does best. Returning figures of 8 overs 3 for 17 Ibstone suddenly looked a little less comfortable. Hasan who had completed 3 overs was politely asked to step down to let the big guns of Adam into the attack and as expected The Pelicans’ answer to Shane Warne had the 12 year old asking questions he just couldn’t answer as another wicket fell.

To finish off the Ibstone innings NVDP making an attempt to look like a cross between John Inman and Larry Grayson unleashed 2 overs of fury in a neck tie and claimed his wicket as Adam took a stunning first slip catch. Amazingly that stunning first slip catch had been preceded by a truly dreadful first slip drop, oh how the Yorkshire god of cricket must have chortled.

Tony behind the stumps had managed to leave the spring loaded gloves in the locker as he too got into this catching jamboree albeit his take was a little less spectacular than Adams as the Ibstone number 7 skied one straight up. There then was what seemed like an eternity as those around Tony stood and waited for him to move 1 foot to his left and take the catch. Fortunately Tony who had now issued instructions for someone to call for it finally realised that it was indeed his and consequently moved one foot to his left and took it.

Two other wickets were run outs, as the Ibstone bats amazingly felt there was a run on Clive’s well used right arm, ridiculous.

One other moment of fielding genius saw NVDP go for a ball looking like a cross between John Inman, Larry Grayson and Rudolph Nureyev albeit a bit camper.

The Ibstone innings was brought to a close on 113 runs, surely victory was in the bag.

An early tea was taken and what a fine tea it was as NVDP put on a spread he has become well known for, an excellent effort appreciated by all especially Hasan who tucked into a large number of sugar brittle cakes which had Skip worrying about diabetes.

Following tea the Pelicans batsmen, who undoubtedly would knock the 114 to win off in no time at all, were sent out.

Opening we had Clive and Pasi. I won’t dwell on each individual batsman as I feel repetition leads to boredom but after a number of swishes, swats and swanky shots the Pelicans were staring down a barrel at 45 for 8. Lets just say shot selection was not of the best.

Coming to the wicket we had the joyful pairing of NVDP and Toobes. Instructions from the Skipper, “lets avoid embarrassment”. Never the most inspiring of orders but a truthful one.

With the 50 up the next target was 60, with the 60 up the next target was 70. Toobes and NVDP were starting to believe, even more so as our Aussie supremo unleashed hell to the boundary. Toobes too, with his customary shocking style, got into the act of hitting the 12 year old for 4.

With the score now past 80 Ibstone were getting a bit concerned and on came the opening bowlers who in all fairness were pretty useful

Unfortunately Toobes was soon LBW for 20 and Adam who had looked comfortable was bowled, leaving NVDP the honour of being there at the end, a truly excellent and gutsy performance and second top scorer.

Drinks and fines were administered in the keys. All in all a bad result but a good days cricket played with an opposition that were a pleasure to welcome at the Meadow.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.