Sunday May 14th vs Monks Risborough

Monks Risborough 105 all out (Josh Bailey 4-19, John Greenwood 4-27)   Great Missenden Pelicans 106 for 6 (Alex Livie 33, Clive Nicholls 26)

Won by 4 wickets

Man of the Match: Josh

WWWW not a stuttering Elmer Fudd trying to say Risborough oh no, just another tick in the box marked win.

With yet another no show it was down to PG to twirl those magic fingers and produce another team to replace Ibstone, Monks Risborough duly came forward and introduced us to their wicket

On first inspection such was the slope we were not sure whether to fit cricket boots or crampons, but with ex Skip Livie’s words ringing in new Skip’s ears “this makes our ground look like Lords” out he strode with purpose.

Amazingly the toss was won and Monks Risborough were asked to bat.

Opening the bowling was Missenden’s answer to Hinge and Brackett, Toobes and Mini Bails.

Taking the upward Himalaya slope was Toobes who this week decided to make a game of it and bowled his 8 overs for no wickets and 39 runs, or as Adam pointed out as there was one maiden in there, so 7 overs for 39 runs. There was nothing of note to say about this bowling spell only that Peanut’s lack of movement in the field resulted in Adam taking his place…………………………. nuf said.

Mini Bails again bowled with accuracy and pace but once again didn’t get the rewards – hold on this is last week’s and the week before’s template I am copying from – sorry, Mini Bails bowled with accuracy and pace and did get his just rewards, taking 4 wickets, but notably deciding not to take 5 in order to avoid the jug, disgraceful, Lord Chief Justice Peanut smiled.

Mini Bails’ spell of 8 overs 4 wickets for 19 runs was aided by some dynamic wicket keeping from our very own Roboharris.

It must be said that initially we thought that Bomber had decided to wear his especially springy gloves as the opener was dropped for 1, but no he was only playing with us as a rapid lifting ball was taken high up to his right one handed, a catch that APE Knott himself would have been proud of.

With 8 overs bowled apiece a change was required, step forward The Pelicans’ answer to Gilbert and George, Kankate and Greenwood.

The bowling remained tight with JG returning figures of 6 overs 27 runs for 4 wickets and Rags coming in with 6 overs 17 runs for 2 wickets.

Ph’tang Harris continued his catching masterclass taking 3 catches in total.

Special shout out to Adam who having taken over from Peanut himself gave a display that Shergar would have been proud such was the ground he covered……… by running that is.

The Monks Risborough innings was brought to a close with a total of 105 of which only 3 were extras, Lord Chief Justice Van Peanut looked on disapprovingly.

Tea it has to be said divided the Pelicans, personally I enjoyed the biryani. It was during tea that Rags opened up his office as a number of the Monks Risborough players came forward to confirm his surgery had indeed been successful.

With some stomachs filled, openers Nicholls and Rollingson made their way out to the wicket. Grego had agreed that he would give us a signal when he decided he was going to cut loose so that we would be aware of the moment. Unfortunately we would not see that signal as first ball Grego was dismissed LBW.

Haimes was next up, and after wise words of advice were offered by the Skipper of “dont slash at the ball” he did indeed rein in his natural exuberance, unfortunately this didn’t make much difference as he was caught for 0.

Thankfully some sense would be brought to the proceedings by Van Peanut, well it would have been, if he hadn’t been LBW for 0.

Step forward Adam Sherman Fairweather, unfortunately looking rather composed he was then caught for 2, Monks Risborough scented blood as Clive watched partners make guest appearances.

Next up Ex-Skip Livie, who after initial reluctance to don the pads resulting in a flounce and then a bowel movement made his way to the crease.

Nicholls and Livie then did what Nicholls and Livie do best, namely score runs with some elegant shots and some slashes, the Monks Risborough players started to wilt as 4 followed 4 and quick singles were taken.

Eventually Clive was bowled as one nipped back quite sharply, out went Bomber.

Livie soon followed Clive back to the clubhouse following yet another excellent batting display in what it’s fair to say were difficult pitch conditions, though his gutsy 33 and Clive’s 26 meant victory was in sight

Victory was finally sealed with a Kankate cameo 13 and Harris 5.

Back at the Keys His Lord Chief Justice Peanut dispensed fines, the largest of which, indeed of the season so far was Rags who turned up at Ibstone ready to play, Haimes also came in for a special fine for waving at a friend whilst umpiring with the bowler running in behind him.

Mini Bails was done for jug avoidance, as indeed was JG.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.