Sunday May 7th vs West Wycombe

West Wycombe 157 all out (Hasan Arif 3-15, Raghu Kankate 3-27)   Great Missenden Pelicans 160-4 (Alex Livie 81* Hasan Arif 40*)

WON by 6 wickets

Man of the Match: Hasan

WWW.Pelicans, not some nasty late night website, oh no its only our last three games.

Following the Ballinger run away, PG came up trumps on the fixture exchange and dug out an old adversary namely West Wycombe CC. Once the fixture broke cover advice came flooding in thick and fast primarily regarding their ability to block out for possibly 40 overs, the seeds were sown.

Blue skies hung over Wycombe as the two Skippers made for the wicket to agree the format and toss the coin, timed game, tea 4.15, 20 overs from 5.45, Pelis won the toss, elected to bowl, what could go wrong?

The wicket was true and firm as Toobes and Josh opened the bowling, there is a bit of familiarity in what I will say next but Josh bowled with accuracy and speed for no wickets and very few runs, whilst Toobes bowled, took one wicket for a good few runs. Special shout out to Bailey D behind the wicket who proudly wore his prescription sunglasses, unfortunately they were not the glasses that aided catching, suffice it to say we will not mention the easy drop and the rapid change of eyewear after the event.

The WWCC number 3 looked a decent bat as he moved the ball around the pitch, this prompted a change in the bowling with Hasan replacing Toobes, and brought an almost immediate result as Bailey no longer looking like an extra from Miami Vice whipped the bails off the wicket cat-like as the number three batsman rocked forward lifting his heel above the crease.

Josh continued and completed his spell in the same vein and allowed Rags to take over.

Hasan continued to bowl well and completed his 6 overs with 3 wickets for 15 runs, Rags again in imperious form bowled 5 overs for 2 wickets.

WWCC were rocking on 65 for 6, action was needed, step forward Van Dur Peanut who managed to bring WWCC back into the game with a five-over spell the highlight of which was his constant re calibration of his 5-step run-up.

Having bowled himself to a standstill VDP was replaced by Haime in his opening game of the season, who bowled as if it was his 10th.

Adam provided support from the other end and again kept the bowling tight and returned figures of 5 overs for 1 wicket and 21 runs.

WWCC had now streaked past 130 but with 4.15 fast approaching thoughts were turning to tea, but wait a minute it was now 4.20 and still we played. Dark mutterings could be heard in the field. VDP stood and no matter how long he looked at his watch it still said 4.20.

The signal from the clubhouse came out to bat on. Fearing an open revolt a message needed to be sent, Rags who come on for a second spell and with his 7 overs had taken 3 wickets, was relieved of the ball as it was handed to Josh; similarly Haime stood down with figures of 5 overs for 1 wicket to make way for Hasan.

The declaration came at 4.30 after 44 overs had been bowled, there were clear skies above but the Pelis changing room were suffering from an occluded front.

Tea it has to be said was very good and the mood lightened as tummies were filled, Bailey D and Niron strode out to commence the fightback.

Bailey D strode back having been given out caught in the slips. His mood dark protesting his innocence as he trudged back to the clubhouse, history will add his name to a long list of those that have suffered a miscarriage of justice, The Birmingham Six, The Guildford 4, The West Wycombe 1. Fairweather QC summed up as follows: ‘He was out’

Bailey S replaced Bailey D, deciding the best form of defence was a slash and burn approach to batting as time after time the ball sailed up into the air and fell into the gaps, some of which were in-between the WWCC hands.

Niron looking cool and relaxed comfortably moved onto 5 and looked like he was playing himself in nicely. This obviously meant one thing, ball lobbed up Niron opted for the sweep shot, Niron bowled.

As he returned to the clubhouse Niron confirmed he wasn’t very good at the sweep shot.

Ex Skip Livie made his way to the crease to try and bring some normality to our batting, unfortunately Simon had played one slash to many and was caught by the keeper, 19 for 3 wasn’t looking too clever. Thankfully Haime made his way out and a double act with Aleks which had yielded fruit in the past was expected.

Unfortunately Haime’s memory of past deeds was a little hazy as slash followed slash and the inevitable bowling occurred, the Pelis were 25 for 4 and staring down the barrel of a gun.

Hasan joined Aleks, hopefully some form of respectability would ensue.

It’s fair to say that Aleks has had some fine innings but this was way up there. A batting display of the highest order as 4 followed 4 not just to the boundary but also by running between the wicket not once but twice, both without the need of a defibrillator

The 50 mark was soon passed with a sumptuous 4 and on he went eventually not out for 81.

Hasan with not as many 4s as Aleks batted again as well as all have seen, controlled and providing the support that was needed and bringing the victory home for the Pelis with a 40 not out, and forming a game changing partnership with Aleks.

A truly memorable display.

Beers were taken with WWCC all dark clouds having dispersed and the general feeling that they were a nice bunch of blokes that we would happily play again, oh how fickle we cricketers are.

The fines committee adjourned to the Keys and The Lord Chief Justice Peanut will deliver his fines accordingly.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.