Sunday May 8th vs Ibstone

Ibstone 148 all out (R Frank 3-14)   Great Missenden Pelicans 152-5 (Alex Livie 37*)

WON by 5 wickets

Man of the Match: Toobes

Under azure blue skies and temperatures soaring to levels higher than Ibiza a perfect day was finished off with a perfect result.

Once again somebody pretending to be the Skipper went out with the oppositions captain and proceeded to win the toss, the Pelicans were bowling.

Opening up from the Railway End was Toobes with Rags taking the Nags Head End, following a successful pray for Toobes campaign three wickets did indeed come his way, with one of those being a catch from Tony who had replaced his spring loaded gloves from last week with wicket keepers gloves. Rags steaming in dispatched 2 Ibstone players one of which was their opener who decided to see if he could indeed hit a passing Jumbo such was the height of the ball, a lusty and confident shout of Harry’s positioned himself under the ball and waited, and waited and for good measure waited some more until the ball landed comfortably in his hands AND STUCK THERE.

With Ibstone reeling Skip decided to go for the jugular and replaced Toobes and Rags with Adam and Brokeback Carter, unfortunately this coincided with Ibstone’s number 6 coming in who decided the only way forward was to smash everything. Adam and Brokeback decided to target his partners and soon Ibstone having taken the score from 50 for 5 were looking at just over 100 for 8.

JG and James were handed the ball and finally finished Ibstone off with Skip taking a catch just in front of the clubhouse. Ibstone had made 148, with an outfield running faster than children in a Jim’ll Fix it studio surely this wouldn’t be difficult for the Pelicans.

Following a usually high standard Pelis tea from Skip and Mrs Skip, JG and Tony store out of the clubhouse with all the purpose of a Panzer division.

Such confidence was not misplaced after some graceful shots and not so graceful bloody minded clubs took the score up to 53 until JG felt it was time for somebody else to have a go.

Debutant Greg entered the field of dreams and suitably assisted with the aim of chasing down the runs, unfortunately Tony on a commendable 24 decided to play and miss a straight one, amazingly not only did Adam give Tony out LBW but he also shook his head in such disbelief. No worries – Bails was the new batsman and with orders of not being out after either a 6 or a 4, such words were taken to heart and he was out after a 1.

With Harry strolling out and pretty quickly Greg strolling back in Skip joined Harry and between the two they turned what could easily been a Peli collapse into a winning position. Unfortunately Harry, having batted beautifully, decided to unleash the ugliest shot possibly of the season and was caught.

It gets a bit hazy now but I think Rags went out and brought the game home with Skip or he may have been out, suffice it to say, Skip finished Ibstone off just as he had at Little Marlow.

A good all round victory with everybody contributing.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.