Sunday September 25th vs Kensington

Kensington 204-4   Great Missenden Pelicans 171-9 (Harry Manisty 46, Hasan Arif 36*)


Man of the Match: Harry

Some say he was forged from rare exotic metals and was fed as a child weasel dust. All we know him as is TONY

The sun shone, the opposition was Kensington, bit of a perfect day. Alex strode out to the wicket and informed the team that having won the toss we were bowling. Having heard the deluge during the night this seemed a pretty good toss to win.

Opening the attack was Toobes and Josh. Josh carried on where he has been all season really and bowled with pace and accuracy, Toobes bowled.

It wasn’t long until a fine lifting delivery from Josh gloved the opener into Tony’s ever ready hands, this was shortly followed by Niraj who went fishing well outside the line and once again Tony in full stretch held on to a beaut.

Its fair to say Kensington were rattled and when the other opener on 3 sent one in the air to Hasan the subsequent drop hopefully would not be expensive.

It wasn’t long before another good ball from Josh provided another wicket and tight bowling all round saw Kensington limp to 50 for 3 off 16 overs, meanwhile the opener on 3 had pushed on to 20 ( I think you can see where this is going ).

Into the attack came Hasan and JG and with the pitch drying the runs came a bit more freely, Tony by this point had decided to dispense with allowing the slips to catch anything and like a falcon pounced on yet another catch, only 7 more for the fielding trophy.

Both Hasan and JG pushed on as did the opener on 3 who hit a lovely 4 to take him to his 50.

Having rattled through the 50’s and into the 60’s JG had the opener on 3 all over the place as he lobbed, its fair to say, a bit of a dolly to Greg. Hopefully the subsequent drop would not prove too costly.

Hasan continued trying everything and finally bowled the opener on 3 for 75, unfortunately our very own ruthless rule machine that is Nick Van De Graff Generator decided to call a no ball, and the opener on 3 stayed put, but hopefully it wasn’t to prove too costly.

There wouldn’t be a Pelis cricket game without the usual comedy moment and this time it was provided by Josh and Tony.

With Skip bringing Josh back into the attack the Kensington bat decided to launch a ball that had the Astronauts in the ISS ducking for cover. Josh ran 4 paces and readied himself for the catch, Tony would have non of that and shouting TONY ran a full 30 yards and dropped it.

With Kensington pushing onto 160 Skip brought himself on to bowl, its possibly fair to say that his figures of 2 overs for no wickets and 30 runs won’t be his greatest performance but it did allow the opener on 3 to get his hundred.

Kensington finally called it a day at tea with 204 on the score board.

Hawaii Clive O provided the cake fancies which were very much appreciated by all, and the Pelis saddled up for the reply.

Skip and Clive strode out and fairly shortly Skip strode back, Clive on the other hand decided that sumptuous shots for 4 were the order of the day until one of the opening bowling pair took his wicket. Its fair to say that both openers were accurate and had a bit of pace.

Cometh the hour cometh the Manatee and in this instance out walked Harry with all the confidence of a fur seal pup, such modesty was unfounded as he thumped and smashed the score towards a respectable amount. Assisted by a number of Pelis, JG, Tony, Jalil, Josh, Adam, and Greg, Harry tried one cut too many and fell unfortunately on 46.

Hasan on the other hand had a different idea, no more were we looking at the one run expert, he bludgeoned his was in what was a blinding low sun to a very respectable 36 not out, forever the bridesmaid Toobes took in the sun and watched in admiration as the Pelis called it a day on 175.

Following the Match Kensington put forward the idea of some Pelis going to their end of year dinner, November 19th black tie £70. It sounds very good, I will get further details from Niraj but any takers?

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.