Sunday September 2nd vs Bledlow Village

Bledlow Village 231-6 (James Walters 3-41)   Great Missenden Pelicans 235-3 (Asad Rehman 98, Hasan Arif 49*)

WON by 7 wickets

Man of the Match: Asad

‘Dont fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning’ E Rommel

With a bit of history at Bledlow (sacrificial lambs) the Pelicans ventured to this picturesque ground ready to do battle once again.

With the temperatures once again rising Skip ventured out to the wicket and promptly won the toss and elected to bat, the format being 40 overs. As this decision was conveyed to the waiting team, Skip prepared himself for the congratulatory messages of another toss won…………..they never came.

Mindful of the anniversary of Gary Sobers’ 6 sixes, Toobes flew in at full throttle and watched the ball go past him at fuller throttle, this was witnessed a further 5 times as 21 was taken off the first over, even the beamer didn’t curtail the openers’ hitting.

From the other end Hasan showed more composure and skill as he restricted the opening batsmen for Bledlow to far less runs than Toobes had managed, lets be honest it would have been difficult to have gone for more. Indeed Has with a cracking ball bowled the slender of the two openers leaving the big hitting big fella still in the game.

With figures of a lot for nothing Toobes did the honourable thing and took himself off, calling for Asad to work a bit of twirling magic.

Has continued his full spell and finally was put out to grass with figures of 1 for 31 off 8 overs.

It was during this finishing spell that the Pelicans witnessed something that most had not seen since they were 10 years old, namely the the Oliver Hardy of the opening partnership retiring to let somebody else have a go. Didn’t we all feel good about ourselves. Thankfully some quotes by Rommel came to mind.

Taking over from Has we welcomed Tickler, looking just like his old self, but with a higher forehead. Thankfully with Toobes banished to the outer reaches of the field in disgrace, the run rate started to rapidly reduce, and indeed both Ticks and Asad shared a wicket each, but finally their spells came to an end, in a somewhat different manner, Ticks giving the universal sign of I’m finished by drawing a flat palm across his neck and Asad requesting more overs.

The torrent though had been held and Ticks had returned figures of 7 overs 1 for 27 and Asad 9 overs 1 for 34.

Step forward Adam who had declared he was feeling a bit bowly, on for Asad, no real difference their in stature and bowling, and Haimes on for Tickles.

Early in this spell to add insult to injury such was the impression given by the Pelicans team that the Bledlow number 3 bat elected to declare on 79, no doubt there would be Freddo bars at the end because we are all winners.

Adam in full bowly mood produced a fine spell of 6 overs for 33 runs, only being hit when he went for the faster ball, Haimes deciding that the only way to get wickets was by bowling people out took 3 wickets, all bowled, off 5 overs for 41 runs. a great performance from our final two bowling partnership.

Now to go back to the retiring Bledlow batsmen, it is possibly fair to say that the Pelicans didn’t exactly give any impression that they could indeed play cricket if catching was the yardstick to go by. If I am honest I can’t remember how many catches we dropped but there were some highlights. Nico on the boundary steadying himself as the ball came to him, he followed it like a pro, got himself in the perfect position, only it would have been perfect if it had been two feet in front of where he was standing.

Niron having a second stab at wicket keeping had obviously been watching his goalkeeping you tube videos as he successfully parried every shot that came off the bat, and Jalil who off Asad’s bowling was just sh**.

With the 40 overs bowled the Pelicans retired to the boisterous clubhouse for tea, which I am pleased to say was a very pleasant affair.

Skip prepared his batting order over a Victoria sponge cake and put out a request for a number 2, not in that sense, a batting number 2 to partner Asad, first hand up and having not bowled Nico was duly promoted, no doubt for a cameo role.

With Bledlow bringing in a large number of youngsters to bowl Asad feasted on the offerings given, Nico in his cameo role decided the best approach was to keep his powder dry and stab the ball through 4th slip position and gully.

Asad raced on in no time to his fifty whilst Nico blasted past 10 with only 6 overs gone, the Pelicans were ahead of the run rate.

With ever more younger bowlers coming on Asad continued to feast upon the offerings, whilst Nico nibbled in the form of missed swish shots and the odd stab between 4th slip and gully. The 100 partnership was soon celebrated with a jubilant fist pump from Nico, having contributed 16. With drinks taken Nico was reminded about the format we were playing and a draw was not possible, but this did not make any impression on our soporific Kiwi who continued his run fest of keeping up with the total overs bowled.

Unfortunately for Asad and indeed the Pelicans he was caught on 98, in all fairness he smashed the leather off the ball unfortunately it was to the opening batsman who had already demonstrated he could play a bit.

This left Nico still out there having put the crowd through 23 overs of narcolepsy.

Thankfully Hasan brought a bit of urgency into proceedings and demanded a quick three runs, with Nico in no fit state to do this again possibly for the rest of the season Has decided to run three off the next ball, lets be honest Nico was way out when he was run out. Our hero had seen off the Bledlow openers and to be honest most of the crowd for a Geoff Boycott approving 29 off 24 overs, Greg of the Week.

Ali replaced Nico and the crowd immediately came to life as night gowns were replaced by jeans and duvets put back in the clubhouse, a crisp 4 saw to that, unfortunately when things start looking up there is always a down with the Pelicans and so it was here as Hasan ran his second victim out.

Step forward Wild Ginger himself, Tickles who with Hasan significantly upped the run rate. This was helped greatly by Hasan who obviously had eaten 5 shredded wheat for breakfast launched a total of three 6s, and big ones they were. One actually landed in the car park behind the clubhouse on a car smashing its windscreen ten feet from Jalil’s, the Pelicans have never witnessed Jal move so quickly to see which car had been hit.

With two overs to go it was one of those mighty 6s that brought the victory for the Pelicans.

The Pelicans lined up to shake the Bledlow hands and I dont think any of us have witnessed 11 players so thoroughly not happy.

A great team effort from the Pelicans other than Toobes’ bowling.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.