Sunday September 9th vs Ley Hill

Great Missenden Pelicans 260 for 4 (Clive Nicholls 97*, Kunaal Kanate 93)   Ley Hill 143 for 7 (James Walters 4-37)


Man of the Match: James Walters

As Alastair Cook will confirm a boundary off overthrows is added to the batsman.

Sunday away to Ley Hill was a sunny day and a Pelicans team that had a rather strong batting line up, so it was with some surprise that the Pelicans on hearing that Skip had won the toss and elected to bat, duly padded up.

Opening for the Pelicans we had our answer to Marty McFy and Doc Brown namely Asad and Clive, a Hollywood power couple if ever there was one.

It didn’t take long for Asad to carry on where he had left off at Bledlow with the ball immediately exiting the ground and finding the boundary. Clive on the other hand played and missed and then missed and played, it was pretty obvious where the runs would come from.

That was until Asad played a shot so ugly it could have starred in a Panto, dragged the ball onto his own wickets, Skip didn’t see that coming. With Asad out for 20 and Clive still to get off the mark Kunaal stepped forward to continue where Asad had finished off, which he did.

Having woken up and decide to join in the batting fun Clive finally got off the mark with a single, meanwhile Kunaal had already made his intentions known with a 4. It seemed Greg of the week was only going in one direction.

Kunaal by now was hitting the boundary at will and it didn’t seem that long until he had reached his 50, Clive meanwhile was still faffing around in the mid teens, though if he did get a move on it probably wouldn’t make any difference as the game would be over before he got to a tasty score.

As the game progressed these two Pelicans really got into their stride and eventually Clive too hit his 50, Kunaal meanwhile had raced past 60, 70 was a blur, 80 was about red shift and 90 were into quantum physics, unfortunately 93 was as far as the dilithium crystals could push it and Kunaal was stumped and sent back to the clubhouse, but a great knock all the same.

Meanwhile cutting a figure like Miss Daisy, Clive carried on serenely, every now and then lifting his helmet and watering the wicket.

Ali had joined Clive and immediately went into 4 mode, this was followed by singles mode which was then followed by 4 mode and then out mode, for 14.

Greg then took up the challenge not to compete for Greg of the week and smashed a single off his first ball before getting carried away and being bowled 5th ball. Taking up the challenge of being the driver to our Miss Daisy we had Jalil and what can then only be called a typical Jalil innings a couple of singles and then 6s and 4s, an economy of running shall we say.

It was during this period that Clive having gone for the single then watched the ball thrown in and trickle off to the boundary for 4, now not knowing the law of the game I put it down as 4 byes, but hey it wouldn’t really matter. Anyway with the game coming to an end Jalil returned to the clubhouse not out 21, Clive returned not out including his over throws 97 not out, it would have been 98 if there had not been a short run ran but there you go, possibly should have hit those dot balls to begin with. Notwithstanding that it was still a mighty fine innings.

Tea was taken and in no time at all Toobes and Hasan were into the thick of it opening up for the Pelicans. With the opening over from the week before forgotten and not playing on Toobes mind thankfully he had Adam to remind him how sh*t he was .

6 overs of toil produced nothing for 15 runs, Hasan meanwhile like Toobes was getting it past the batsman but touching nothing until finally one went through to our new wicket keeper Asad. Using the non spring loaded gloves the ball remained to hand, first wicket down.

Taking over from Toobes Rags entered the field of play to bring a bit of guile to proceedings, meanwhile finishing off his spell Hasan took another wicket a catch from Ali no less, happy days, 8 overs 2 for 14.

With Hasan rested Haimes took over the attack and after a slow start suddenly proceeded to send down deliveries that had the Ley Hill players scurrying back to the clubhouse and the wickets were downed time and again. Indeed his spell produced 4 wickets all bowled for a total of 37 off ten overs, an unbelievable spell.

Meanwhile watching from the other end Rags was in his usual miserly form, now he has requested that I do not mention what happened in his second over but unfortunately for him I am not duty bound by the Hippocratic oath, so I will explain. Ball bowled to batsman, batsman hits it about 15 feet up into the air straight back to Rags, he then well to say sauntered would not do the word justice, it was more a slow amble towards the ball. Rags still had plenty of time to prepare himself to receive the ball, which he duly did, he then had the rest of the match and indeed the day to then explain how and indeed why he dropped it.

With Rags spell of 7 overs for 28 completed Adam was called upon to bring it home, 5 overs of twirling did indeed yield a wicket and truly great catch by Grego at mid wicket but even Adam’s twirly greatness could not entice more batsmen to hit out and the game drew to its obvious close, a draw.

A fine game, again everybody did their bit and Asad as wicket keeper, fantastic, a good day and nice team just as it should be.

Reports are intended to convey an entertaining picture of the day’s play. No disrespect is meant, but if on occasion we misjudge matters, please take it in the friendly and humorous spirit in which it is intended.